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This poem is for anybody frightened of public speaking. Preparation, Practise, Perseverance is what all good speakers do. You can too!!!


The room is full, the lights are bright,

A silence, like the dead of night,

They gauge me with piercing eyes,

A cough here, a sneeze there, the shuffling of a chair,

To look up I do not dare…

I am in a dilemma.


Eyebrows raised, furrowed forehead,

A stillness like the dead,

They size me up with growing disconcert,

A whisper here, a frown there, the pounding of my heart,

A shiver runs through, a drop of sweat trickles too, I must start…

My mouth dry, my palms wet, the continuation of a dilemma.


Stomach churning, ears on fire,

To speak with clarity, I aspire,

They hear me with rapt attention,

A pause here, a nod there, the steady drowning of my fear,

My voice resonating, loud and clear…

Would they mock, would they sneer, still a dilemma!


The end, a deep satisfaction,

Had fought my inner battle, reached my destination,

They watch me with smiling eyes,

A cheer here, a applause there, my pulse restoring,

Fear dispelled,  my spirits soaring,

End of the dilemma…


The applause recedes, silence returns,

Tis’ the next speaker’s turn,

They watch him with attentive eyes,

A cough here, a sneeze there, the shuffling of a chair,

To look around, now I dare.

Wondering what was the  dilemma?


No opinion too naïve, no stage too small,

No man free of fear, no fear so tall,

An audience just an audience ,

A failure here, a success there, the growing of a confidence,

Speak, Question, tis your right,

Just don’t give up without a fight!


Are you afraid of public speaking or are you a pro? If you are afraid, does the poem bring out all that you feel? Do share your comments on if the poem made you feel better knowing that everybody, even the best speakers do get nervous.

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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

13 replies on “The Speaker’s Ordeal…

  1. I hate public speaking – there are some situations in which I feel more comfortable than others and this reminds me of those situations when I was terrified – and yet, as you show later in the poem, once I’ve done it, I usually feel great!


    1. I remember I was terrified of it too but I wanted to get over it so I took part in every school competition that I could, even if I lost. Even today, my tummy starts acting weird before it and then once I start, it’s not that bad☺. It’s good to know you relived those memories as you read the poem. Thank you for sharing how you felt.

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    1. Thank you Cynthia for commenting☺. It means a lot coming from an estabished author like yourself. I just told my girls’ about your latest book ” Myrtle the Purple Turtle” and have placed an order for it on flipkart. Looking forward to reading it.

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  2. Reblogged this on SILVER LININGS… and commented:

    This poem deserves an audience, so I am reblogging it. It took me several days to write it, to make the words rhyme and to put forth before the reader the entire scene so that it could be experienced or bring back memories of one’s first public speech.


  3. Th can happen to anyone who is to face a gathering before whom he or she has to make a speech. But can i relate this to your own experience at the college or at your office?


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