Sometimes hearts grow apart. You stay together, you do things together, you love each other more out of habit and out of comfort and life goes on. You don’t think of it much because together you are so busy shouldering responsibilities, doing what should be done and what needs to be done; that it seems alright. Then, one day, when duties have been fulfilled, responsibilities shouldered successfully, the birds have left the nest, there is an emptiness and you realize that somewhere along the way, you forgot to connect. Every relationship requires tending from time to time.


A beautiful morning,

Peace and quiet, the birds are chirping,

A cool, soothing, breeze does blow,

The summer foxtails nod their heads, their inflorescences, a warm, soft, glow,

We put on our sock,

It’s time for the morning walk.



Out we step onto the pavement,

Laden with fallen flowers; leaves in accompaniment,

Not a word spoken,

Crack, crunch, crush, dried foliage broken,

I open my mouth and see you frowning,

I seal my lips, let the stillness do the talking.



Is this just a morning silence?

I talk to you in my head –  brushing away, this deafening quiescence ,

When did we stop being friends?

Can we not make amends?

When did we stop talking?

How long like this, will we keep walking?



Every hurdle crossed, every storm weathered, together,

Our lives, in harmony, entwined, in what seemed like forever,

When, had we grown apart, o’er the years, a gnawing distance-

Will I reach you, will I be able to  break through this reticence?

The dust, the moss that’s made its way, needs some clearing,

But I know we can, I know we will, our boat needs a little steering.  +

Copyright ©, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

28 replies on “When did we grow apart…

  1. The fallen leaves in the autumn of our lives are necessary… As spring is coming and the flowers will blossom again. I’m not so much into poetry but I wasn’t able to stop until the end. I like it yet it was a little bit pessimistic. Thank you for sharing.

    It is very hard for the hearts that grew together to be separated. Love, in most cases, melts the two into one… However, love tends to relax when both parties feel safe. But in critical situations, it acts strongly. Otherwise, it’s dead! I don’t think we can live the same level of love all the time. But we can reinforce it through co-activities… Mainly, the good activities that give the feeling of happiness.

    I wish you long life filled with happiness and love.

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    1. Wow Mohamad. You spoke like a wise man😊. You may not be into poetry but you’ve explained life very well. Your comment is heartening for anybody going through this phase as you rightly mentioned , in critical situations, love acts strongly. Thank you Mohamad for reading poetry, despite your preference and thank you for your kind wishes😊. I wish you the same loads of happiness and health.

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      1. You’re most welcome, Smitha… I liked the “wise man” part. Females usually love wise men hehehe (kidding). You’re very good writer. It was a real pleasure for me to read your own poems and navigate your wonderful site.

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  2. Wonderful poem and a very sensitive topic it touches upon. It’s quite true that living together for years, sharing responsibilities, we often forget to spend quality time with each other causing a vacuum in the relationship. Beautifully expressed Smitha!

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    1. Thanks Vandana for reading and sharing how you feel.. At some point in time all marriages go through this phase. We get so consumed with daily stuff, we forget to take care of the relationship itself.

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  3. An amazing poem!!Beautifully composed.
    When hearts go apart, then we actually realise the importance of a person in our life!

    Have you ever felt hopeless or low when hindrances ran into your path? Go through my inspirational poem “I Can Reach High” at
    It’s a poem of Hope, strength and a never ending spirit to live Life.
    Hope you will like it 🙂
    Do leave your feedback, as it’s precious.

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    1. Thanks Akash. Sometimes we grow apart as we grow older. It’s so natural that we don’t make anything of it.
      Will definitely check your poem. Thanks for the link 🙂

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