On Day 6 of the NaPoWriMo Challenge I had written a poem on thirteen ways of looking at the rain. NaPoWriMo: Day 6 – Thirteen Ways of looking at the Rain

Today, a fellow blogger https://godcrazzzy.wordpress.com/ asked me to write another poem similar to the one I had written.



For a glimpse, she awaited,

With breath bated,

All wrapped up, a little bundle,

She held it gently, afraid to cuddle,

Tiny eye-lids blinked,

And then it smiled…



Her heart was thumping,

The crowd was waiting,

Her knees were wobbly,

She wished he was there, so badly,

And there, in their midst, she saw him smile, “You Can!”

Her dad, her hero, her Super-Man.



They jeered, they sneered,

They stared, they smiled,

A shiver ran down his spine,

He wouldn’t run, he wouldn’t whine,

They wouldn’t let him go,

Why they hated him, he didn’t know…



Tears rolled down his cheeks,

Days had turned into weeks,

Had waited so long,

Been imprisoned for no wrong,

Too tired to smile,

Freedom though won, it would take a while.

An epitome of confidence,  a disciplinarian,

A perfectionist, a humanitarian,

For them, Only the best would do,

That was His point of view,

But their hearts wanted more,

His smile they waited for.



Pale, against the white sheets,

Frail, to anybody who meets,

Deeply embedded,  was a mind of steel,

Before her courage, it would have to kneel,

Her smile, an inspiration,

To put up a fight, her determination.


Oblivious to the passerby on the street,

For hours he labored in the sweltering heat,

Beads of sweat formed rivulets down his back and head,

His life mattered to none, wasn’t worth a shred,

Just then, as if in answer, a glass of sparkling cold water,

A smile was what he had, is what he gave, the unknown stranger.



All the running, all the working,

From duty there was no shirking,

With aching feet and a sore back,

All she wanted was to hit the sack,

She lay down on her bed, thoughtful,

Smiling, she closed her eyes, immensely grateful.



There on the doorstep, they stood,

No matter the time, wait for her, they would,

At the dark of night, the cab halted,

She watched them standing, her heart exalted,

Warm eyes, open arms, never ending smiles,

She had made the journey back across miles and miles.



Morning walks,

No talks,

Just a nod in that direction tossed,

As walkers crossed…

A smile exchanged,

To greet still the norm, times had not changed.




Small and sweet,

Clenched fist and tiny feet,

Eyes closing to the sound of a lullaby,

To say, it didn’t matter, would be a lie,

The whole world in her arms,

Sleeping, it smiled, she succumbed to it’s charms.



Through war and strife,

Escaping for a chance at life,

Crossing the seas, their only hope,

Danger lurked, they would cope,

Washed ashore, wet and cold,

They smiled, seeing freedom unfold.



Read your favorite book,

A person you admire gives you the awaited look,

On the radio your favorite song,

A date with friends you haven’t met for long,

Fun times, romantic movies, sweet memories,

Brings back a smile, despite your worries.





Copyright ©2017. lifeateacher.wordpress.com. All Rights Reserved.













Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

12 replies on “Thirteen Different Smiles…

    1. 😊 I wrote it because one of the readers asked me to write something on the lines of 13 ways to look at the rain. Glad you liked it. Thank you.


  1. A small twist of lips called smile can give loads of hope n happiness ,can brighten your day ….like a play dough ,can do many things with twist of it .I really liked it and yess viii is for me ….,,😀

    Liked by 1 person

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