I buried what we had

I buried what we had

via Daily Prompt: Bury

Over life’s journey we meet people, some become friends, some remain strangers , some friends become strangers and some strangers become friends. Some take the journey with us, others leave somewhere in between. This poem is dedicated to all those who once had a friend but now feel like “strangers with memories”.

The poem is based on the daily prompt “Bury”. I have used the past tense of the word.


I buried what we had,

The love, the friendship, the good and the bad,

Twenty years of togetherness, in a jolt flash by,

Through light and darkness, I think; without a sigh,

The laughter, the tears, the secrets we shared,

The dreams, the fears, our souls we bared…


A beautiful wreath I laid,

And a tearless farewell to you, my friend, I bade,

Not an ounce of regret or remorse-

For the path we once did traverse,

I had not seen it coming, I shall be honest; this travesty of fate,

I wonder if it was my love, I had been too naive to anticipate…


Maybe the time had come for our journey to end,

For trust, once gone, is hard to mend,

So all the memories, I lock it away,

Every moment entwined with you, to rest I lay,

I will not forget you, I promise; you are my past,

Had gotten ripe, a little too fast…


Without a goodbye, you moved on my dear,

I wish you well, have no fear,

If our paths do cross, as strangers, it shall be,

For the pages that were, have been turned, by me,

I buried what we had,

And you’ll be happy to know, it doesn’t make me sad…



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13 responses to “I buried what we had”

  1. Very intriguing Smitha, there are so many different feelings expressed here and I like the thought of a poem to express that feeling of someone being part of your past but no longer your friend.

    • It’s like a chapter closed but it’s very much a part of your life. Like you said its strange how there are so many feelings and yet none at the end of it. Thank you so much Andrea, for commenting. It means a lot.xoxo

    • Oh! At your age, it can be difficult to let go and move on. But you just have to. Thanks for commenting and tc😘. Don’t let it hold you back.xoxo

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