A epistle poem to Him.


Dear Lord,

I await my salvation,

At the threshold of desperation,

The cross too heavy to bear,

Every cell stretched, frayed by wear and tear,

Help! My soul is sinking…


Those I fight for, so ignorant and naive,

Is this my penance, the price of being alive?

Alone I fight, an endless battle,

Need some peace, too much of a rattle,

My mind’s whirring…

My journey hereto,

I wish there was somebody  who knew,

Friends, family and foes,

No one here; save my heart and it’s woes-

My eyes are hurting…


I cannot breathe,

I have seen the wrath of the heavens’ and seen them seethe,

I await a miracle,

Save me please, from this debacle,

Are You even listening-


I pray, I plead,

Can You not hear me in this hour of need –

I can hold no longer,  no longer can I take,

Will You not from your slumber wake?

Into a dark abyss, I am sliding…


Why do You show no mercy, Why do You not shower your grace,

May this fear that fills my heart leave without a trace,

My heavy heart needs a uplifting,

Do You not hear me calling?

Do You not see I am falling?


You who chose me to bear,

You knew how I would fair,

They said I had to believe; You did care,

And when I did, these troubles to face, I would dare,

And when I did, it wouldn’t seem so daunting…


Well, If this is how You’ve planned the entire length,

Surely to bear, You’ve given me strength,

I will make it until the journey’s end,

I will live it well, mistakes made, I will amend,

You will be proud, I promise; I see you smiling…


Yours lovingly,

I found my way back…to You


Copyright©,2017. lifeateacher.wordpress.com. All Rights Reserved.







Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

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