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I was given a laptop over the weekend by my better half. Using the desktop had meant I couldn’t prop myself on the bed and type away as and when I pleased; now that I was a writer (bloggers are also writers of some sort you know).

The message over the laptop said “Happy Blogging”. Now that his job required him to be away from home most of the time, once the children had gone to bed and I had the night to myself, I excitedly picked up my new possession… to do what I was meant to. Heading  into my site, my fingers over the keyboard, I mused, “What was I going to write about?”. All that excitement and I felt my spirits fall. I had no idea, nothing that was bursting forth to be shared with the world. There are times when words spill out faster than I can type. Times when I find it hard to keep pace. But here I was, in the dead of night, with this tool in my hand waiting to be used and  my mind was blank and so was my heart. Words had deserted me.


My heart and mind were empty. I just wasn’t feeling anything or thinking of anything that I could actually write about. Being stuck at home and not being able to venture out for motivation wasn’t helping either; the weather being still uncomfortably warm. There I was, staring at the blank screen in front of me with the internal self-created pressure to write , to reduce the guilt of  having invested in a new lap-top and the deep need to prove to myself that it was the pain of sitting at the desktop that I had evaded which had kept me from writing as much as I really could.  When I had stared for a few more endless moments, I decided to read instead, cozy on my bed, a soft quilt to keep me warm, 2 pillows for support behind me.


I read of the dried leaves of autumn, of buds and blooms, of goats and barns, of vegetable gardens and cocoons, of seas and fishermen, of changing seasons, things that we in the city only get to watch in  movies, read of and then dream about. To some this was as real as our city roads, the wall of apartment blocks, the buzzing traffic and it was all just a blog away. I prayed for the ability to write and retired for the night dreaming of distant seas, yellow leaves and “fall” as the West sees it.

I drove to the office the next day, with a heavy heart. I had not written a word since a week.


I looked out of the window and saw more sand and desert grass. I had written everything that I possibly could. I had squeezed every ounce of creativity from these sands and now they had nothing more for me. As the car stopped at the traffic light, I looked outside the window and there was a sense of Deja-vu. It was the very same feeling I had had 10 years’ ago! 2007That was the year we packed our bags and moved back to India, to the lap of nature. I had been so certain of the move. Getting out of the airport, I had been certain I wanted nothing more. I was finally home- the crowded streets where every inch had a story, the cows sitting on the center of the road forming a natural roundabout, the sun setting behind the thick cover of trees, the road-side hawkers, the crowds, every face like mine.


For unknown reasons or for reasons more than one, the country had not been able to hold me back then. Now ten years later, I still do not know the reason I left. It was probably that every face I saw was like mine and yet I was a stranger, where street dogs roamed the streets as freely as man, making it difficult to take a walk, where family that I thought would come to see me as soon as I had returned, had got accustomed to living without me and where friendly neighbors believed invitations were totally uncalled for; challenging for foreigners who were used to living in fortresses whose doors opened with much planning and thought.

I left India and returned to this land 5 months later. At the job interview, when I was asked why I had wanted to come back, I had said with absolutely zero hesitation, ” I miss the sand and the sun. I don’t think I belonged to the green“. I had convinced them because I was convinced. I knew why I was back and I was here to stay. They loved the confidence, my lack of uncertainty. How could I be doubtful? This was where I belonged, where I had been raised, where I had had my best memories, where every street was one where I had walked with my mother until she passed away in 2006. People here knew ” ME”. I wasn’t just one of the many people who had lost a parent. I wasn’t just one of the millions. I had an identity here.

I bagged the job with a hike in pay much higher than when I left, 5 months earlier. There was no reason to regret. The move had been a break and it did me good.


The taxi came to a halt and so did my thoughts. I got out of the cab, crossed over the little grass patch to my office, a brown building in the middle of the desert,  thankful for another chance to come back, to start all over again and make a life in a country where you never become a citizen, no matter how long you live or how much you love the country. I hadn’t for a moment regretted my decision to return. I was glad we had followed our heart.


Now, it was time to follow the heart again. The heart had gotten habituated to this place and needed to get away to revive itself. Ten years had passed since our return and it felt like it was time to move away; so that I could return again. You can never really go away from where you belong with the idea of not returning.

Have you ever just followed your heart and taken a decision? Have you ever reversed a decision when you felt it wasn’t feeling right or have you not changed your decision because you worried about what others would say? Have you had writers’ block? What do you do when you can’t write?  Share your thoughts in the comments section. Would love to hear from you’ll.

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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

47 replies on “When words desert you…life gives you a story to write about…

  1. Hahaha, but “it” can sometimes force us to level up. Somedays you’ll just be amazed that some of your best posts are actually byproducts of trying so hard to hurdle a block!


  2. Writer’s block??? I guess I’m the one experiencing that right now upon writing this comment, lol. Your skill to weave a narrative (and a substantially worded one, in that sense) despite the “block” is amazing! I’m impressed.

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  3. ☺coming from you Andrea, I am thrilled to bits. Thank you for being so encouraging. I get a lot of inspiration reading your posts and description of the place you live in. So if I have written well, the credit goes to your posts. Thank you for being an inspiration and for reading my posts and sharing your opinion. ⚘


  4. If this is you not writing Smitha, then your writer’s block is very productive 🙂 You really captured the frustrations of not having the inspiration to write, I loved the paragraph describing what you read about, and then you showed us something about what ‘home’ means to you.

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    1. A very Good Morning to you Gourav😊. You’re so right- I did write it from the depth of my heart…had to dig deep into it to write the buried past☺. I understand some don’t have the courage. I must say God was kind to me. Thanks for reading!Have a gr8 day!

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  5. A very good post, Smitha. I think we should always listen to our hearts no matter what. I’m glad you did that and the important thing is not to regret.

    Since you asked, I will share my personal experience here:

    Roughly 4 years back, when the entrepreneur’s bug had bitten me, I co-founded a startup along with 3 more people. Or should I say, we met through random sources and became co-founders. Whatever way I put it, we did it for 2 years. But somehow I had this intuition that I wasn’t meant for that startup and my true calling was somewhere else. I did all these while still having a full time job, which I still have. Even though I was passionate about what I was doing, I still wasn’t satisfied and I kept looking. That’s when I started writing fiction. Suddenly I felt I was meant for this and my prayers had been answered. When I wrote short stories, some mindless rants, free verses and quotes, I started feeling that my anxiety was reducing and my stress was vanishing. Then I had to take a crucial decision of continuing with the startup or continue my writing passion.

    Then I decided to follow my heart and quit from the well performing startup. One and a half year down the line, I am quite happy that I have written close to 50 short stories and many more free writing pieces, and quotes. More importantly I don’t regret my decision of quitting the startup to write, one little bit even though the startup would have made more sense, financially (Co-founder of a startup which is surely going to go great guns in another 2-3 years would be great financially.)

    So listening to my heart has worked wonders for me, not so much economically but definitely emotionally. But I believe emotional satisfaction is more important than money.

    And w.r.t Writer’s Block, I have written many many pieces related to it and also I have created a fictional character out of my Writer’s Block, he is named as RIBO. 🙂 You can read about how I handled my writer’s block in my blog, if you are really interested:


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    1. Thanks Raja for sharing your experience. I totally agree with you on emotional satisfaction versus financial. It’s important to be happy and healthy. What’s the point in being rich and stressed? It’s interesting to know you created a character out of writer’s block. I will check it out. I know you write fiction. I am not into that kind of stuff so did not read your blog. I apologize. I am sure lot of people love what you write since you’ve been doing it for 2 years’ now. May you achieve success in your chosen field.

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      1. Thank you very much Smitha for your wishes. Hope your wishes come true soon. 🙂

        And btw, I write non-fiction too, recently I started “What I Learnt” series where I try to share what I learnt in my life both as a person and as a writer. If interested, do check them out. Thanks.

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          1. Yeah, it’s on the same blog. On the menu you can find “What I Learnt series”. From there, you can choose the post of your interest. Do let me know your feedback after reading.


  6. Writer’s block is constant… Can’t seem to just write.
    I have taken a different decision at this point of my life and I have no idea if it is the right one or the wrong one

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    1. Thank you Shalini for commenting. I am glad you shared your feeling. It makes me feel better. I guess the secret is you need to write, no matter what…like this thought you have if your decision is right or not. That’s what I am doing because they always say, the best way to do it, is to keep at it. All the best to you 🙂

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      1. Smitha, I write when the words come. They rarely do. I have written a couple of posts on my blog which are my feelings at that point of time. I am usually a very private person, can’t put all my thoughts to words. Just some days I am able to make a tangential wordings of feelings without blatantly revealing…
        I have no issues about having writer’s block. But sometimes I wish I could write when I desired not when I had to, sometimes words force their way from my heart

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        1. I just followed your blog Shalini. You are a reader and that’s one of the main steps to write, as one of the quotes I’ve put on my post. I totally understand how you feel Shalini. I feel that way too…it’s so important at times like these that you have readers who read your post and comment. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts despite being a private person. I totally appreciate it.

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          1. That’s sweet of you. You write very well.
            My best friend in college was smita and she probably still is, though we don’t speak very often now but still the best friend friendship never goes away

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          2. This praise coming from someone who reviews books is an honor. It’s nice to know my name brings back memories of your friend. True, true friendship lasts forever. Good to know you Shalini through WP.

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          3. 😘 Shalini you made my day. If I ever come close to writing a book ( which I pray I do), I know whom to go to now. Like they say ” people get connected for a reason”😊


          4. I know you do. Checked your blog but just realized that you don’t read non-fiction. Mine then will be your first non-fiction book😉


          5. Write Smitha, you have a talent.. I was reading a couple of your posts.
            Your writing is like a gentle wave upon the sand that brings its own memories, own smells, own life. Your writing is like a salve on a wound. It is like peace to a troubled soul. So write, my friend, keep on writing.
            The world needs prose like these to keep us all sane

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          6. Thanks so much Shalini. Your comment reads like beautiful poetry. Every writer fresh and old needs readers like you. Your comment just revived my writing spirit. For that I am grateful. Looking forward to your comments on my other posts. Thank you friend😊

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