Loved this invite in the form of a poem to write a guest post, so am sharing it. And ofcourse maybe you have something of your own, you’d like to share.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It’s five o’clock, the page looks bare…
There’s not a guest post anywhere…
Though I invite and beg and plead
There’s only my words here to read.

So, authors with a brand new book,
If you’d like folks to take a look,
Why not drop in and write for me
A promo post that folks can see?

Perhaps you have some good advice?
Come round and share, that would be nice!
Or maybe you’ve a tale to tell
That would go down here very well?

If you’ve a post you’d like to share,
The invitation’s always there…
Don’t leave them sitting on the shelf
Or make me write these posts myself!

Would you like to write a guest post and be featured on this blog?If you are a writer, artist or photographer…If you have a poem, story or memoirs to share… If you have a book to promote, a…

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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

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