Remember the post I had written a few months ago Until Winter Comes… where I couldn’t wait for winter to come so I could enjoy my morning walks since winter in this part of the globe is not cold and chilly like the countries in the West and is more like autumn of the West.

Well, winter finally arrived towards the last week of November. And I was determined to make the most of it while it lasted…another 3 months until February end!

“Go for walks, spend as much time outdoors as possible, avoid burning my pockets at the  malls”. Sadly, the malls here serve as the only entertainment for a large part of the year, as temperatures cross 50 degrees. I had made up my mind to enjoy good-old free-for-all nature.


Only, winter this year, had a plan of it’s own. Colder, darker, mistier mornings, warm afternoons and colder, windier nights.  “What’s the temperature like?”, I can hear you ask. I’ll get to that after a few more facts about the place in which we live, so you’d be better equipped to answer my question. Just telling you the temperature isn’t going to help you answer the question fairly and your answer does mean a lot to me.


Since December, the sun has been rising only at 7.06 a.m. and with office beginning at 8.00 a.m., I have had to kiss my morning walks goodbye. Even the discipline freak in me can’t bring itself to get out of bed and walk around in the dark; not even for the love of nature!  I did try a few times because I couldn’t believe that days were passing me by and I wasn’t making the most of it. With cotton plugged in my ears, hoodie and all, I set out on my morning walk. But rather than getting inspired ( if you must know, most of my poems have come to me during my solitary  morning walks), I came back with a throbbing headache that however much I tried to ignore, kept returning and no amount of Panadol or aspirin helped. I’ve had to bury my head in steam to get the cold out of my head.


The crisp morning air, the smell of the earth, the wet roads after the previous night’s rain, puddles and fallen leaves, chirping birds and fluttering petals; nothing awoke the “writer” in me.   The cold was had gotten to my head, it had frozen my brain and numbed my fingers.  I had neither the energy nor the inclination to write. I even began thinking  writing was not my cup of tea. Maybe, I was enjoying  “beginner’s luck”  in 2017 and now it was running out. cold2

My head was fuzzy and the cold weather outside did nothing to alleviate my current state, except give me recurring fevers, headaches, a stomach flu, a chest infection, a terrible cough and a blocked nose. I sat at home, feeling totally sick and devoid of feeling.


cold7Aren’t writer’s the kind of people who write against all odds? It was dreadful to think I was failing my 2018 resolution in the first week of January when people were still making theirs. Even worse thinking that what I thought was my passion had probably been nothing more than a hobby. Maybe like everything else I had taken up in the past and then let go of, this blog was also going to die a slow, natural death. I hated to think of it as a distant reality but I couldn’t shrug off the possibility.

A flu in the head mixed with self-doubt isn’t a good place to be.

Coming back to the temperature, if I told you in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, it may not sound very cold, depending on which part of the world you belong to. So let me give you a brief perspective of this part of the globe.


  • We do not have the concept of heaters because this is a hot country.
  • Come winter and we are happy because we’ve been sick of using the  air-conditioner. Now we can keep the windows open and let fresh air in. So good for the house. Little do we realize that the chilly air makes it’s way into the house and slowly but surely wraps it’s cold claws around the unsuspecting inhabitant’s neck.
  • We don’t dress like winter because this is not a cold place by definition. So even if it does end up being colder than normal because of global warming and stuff, we would at the max, don a sweater and a scarf and boots for style. No coats, no other woollies.
  • The air-conditioner remains on in the office as we are not allowed to open the windows. And if you put off the air-conditioner, with closed windows, you would slowly suffocate to death. So it’s cold outside and it’s colder indoors.

Now that I’ve laid the facts before you, I will let you know the temperature. It’s  around 13 degrees in the morning and misty. By mid-day it’s 24 degrees with bright sun-shine.  And by evening it’s dropped down to 13 degrees again.

“Seriously, 13 degrees. Is that even cold? We’re seeing winter storms, here on the East coast!”. Is that what you’re thinking?

I hear you.

So that brings me back to The question, the title of my post,

“Is it cold or have I  just grown old ?”.

And with this post, I just began blogging again and ended the dark spell that the flu had cast on me for the last one week.

Last but not the least, in this post, I’d like to salute all those who are going through major illnesses and who use their blog to share their journey through illness. That requires both courage, strength and loads of positive attitude. Each one of you is a true inspiration. May God give you the strength through your journey.




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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

25 replies on “Cold or Old?

  1. Hahaha! How are you now my friend? Actually, for several years I had been staying in a city where the temperature drop hits 1 degree during peak cold but these days I’m in a city where the temperature is similar to yours and I see more people falling sick here than there and there’s a natural weakness too. You know why is that? It’s because of so much temperature difference and here it gets to 7 on some nights, naturally your immunity goes for a ride and as it is with our lifestyle, only a few have a robust immunity, sadly 😦 besides it’s okay you are not used to cold, so that way you would delay putting on layers enjoying the pleasant chilly air but that’s enough to do the damage. So no I don’t think it’s old age!!
    Also, about writer’s block, honestly I have to say that’s admirable, when I’m sick I turn into a cotton ball, trying to keep away from stress as much as possible but you tried to write through a nagging cold and headache and other problems, kudos!
    PS – the quotes😂😂 the one about writer and self doubt 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    1. You’re absolutely right Vageesha and as a true friend you made me feel so much better😊. It’s the temperature difference that’s difficult for the poor body to adjust to. Thank you for the confirmation my dear. You have put to rest my worst fears❤. I hereby nickname you Miss. Positivity😘

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      1. Hahaha aww I’m so glad I could of some help, my friend. Yes that’s how it goes normally 😊and hahaha that’s such a nice name, thank you so much, you made my day♥️😘


  2. Hey Smitha…wonderful read.
    Actually staying in Bahrain for last 10years I can relate to all your points about winters in the Middle East. But I liked winter the most. Very nicely expressed your feelings dear. Take care!

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    1. Thanks again Bhavana. Oh, so you’re from here too 😊. Wow. Another thing in common. This time it is too cold. The kind that gets to the bones. Still reeling under it.


  3. Smitha, my dear friend, and I thought I was alone here. Like you, I have been waiting for the winter days to painfully make its way through the sunny, sand-storm ridden, humid days of summer. I had walks, weekends at beaches and so many plans that really had nothing to do with malls (that invariably burn a hole deep into our pockets) but here I am feeling guilty that I am simply unable to pull myself up from the warm comforts of the bed during cold, dark mornings. An evening of rain was fun and exciting but a nagging headache and cold was worrying. Now, I, like you am not sure if it is just the weather in this part of the world or is it me aging so gracefully 😉
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Smitha.

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    1. He he Pranitha. We are birds of a feather indeed. Reading your comment made me feel so much better that I was not alone in feeling this way. I remember us being excited about this amazing weather and our hopes were dashed in weeks. Thank you so much sweety for the wishes. The girls have caught it from me now. You too my dear take care. Do read the post I’ve just shared. It’s a reblog and it will answer your last question. ” We haven’t grown old. 🙂 It’s just the earth’s time to do it’s thing in hiding; away from us”.
      Loads of hugs to you.

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      1. Hey Smitha. Oh we are so much birds of a feather and I am so glad about that😍 Actually I must confess that the pleasant sun and the wonderful sunny late mornings are simply amazing and still get me excited simply because I know that the angry raging sun is just about two months away. After your post I learnt that it was not me alone but a lot more of my friends ( of all ages) have been unwell so although devious but I was happy that it is not me alone. Will check that post soon, Smitha. Hugs and lots of love to you too, Smitha. Take care and wishing the girls too a quick recovery

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        1. Hi Pranitha😊. Yes, now that I’m back after the flu, I’m loving the lazy mornings and my being able to be out without slathering sun-screen or the like. Ha ha…that’s nice to know we have many in our boat. Thanks again Pranitha ❤xoxo. You enjoy the rest of the winter too😊

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  4. I love the way you meander to the actual temperature Smitha, making sure we’re prepared 🙂 I can see why winter must be a difficult season for you – you have a whole range of hazards we don’t think about in the UK – we’re used to the simplicity of heat when it’s cold, wrapping up warm, etc. and air conditioning isn’t needed in most places in the summer – at least up here in the north! I’ve actually just written a post that says something about the way nature almost encourages us to stay indoors in winter – but I think there’s a good reason for that, because we need time to rest and think as well as going out into the world.

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    1. Oh gosh Andrea. Your post perfectly answers my question. I wasn”t sure what I was expecting as an answer to my question but your lines ” it’s as though it’s telling us to stay away, stay indoors, there is nothing out here for you” are the answer. I like how you said “Nature has a plan for us too”. It echoed my thoughts “Winter this time had a plan of it’s own”:). The only part of the post that saddened me were that cranes have attacked your little town too. During the past year, reading posts on your town made me fall in love with it. I hate to think that apartment buildings will now make the skyline. Thank you so much for leading me to your post. I felt so much better reading it despite the fact that it’s 10 a.m. here and still dense with fog or mist. I especially love the ending of your post and I’m going to share it here on my blog as an answer to my question. XOXO

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      1. Thanks Smitha, I’m glad it resonated with what you’ve been feeling. The apartments have been planned for some time now, but it is a shame – we could once see the river from the end of the street but now there are apartment blocks in the way!

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        1. I hope they don’t continue building them one after another. It would be a terrible shame then. As much as residential apartments are a requirement, they shouldn’t be encroaching. This is what happened to Bangalore and now people are desperately trying to save the once upon a time Garden city of India. Maybe they should read your writing because they can’t see it!


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