A friend on WordPress said she was an introvert and that’s why she wasn’t being recognized. It’s true introverts have to do double the work than those networking kings and have to prove themselves so many times more than those who make a lot of noise but from experience, I can say that if you’re great at your work, your work will speak for you. The climb uphill takes always a little longer for an introvert but if you’re happy being one then that’s one of the sacrifices you have to make. But success will come. Don’t worry!


Two years ago, we had an Iftar party  (a get-together held during the Holy month of Ramadan to break fast) given by the office. The moment I heard of it, I had butterflies in my stomach. I hated these social events…they were simply taxing. But I had to go because I was one of the few who had been invited from my organisation. My boss who happened to be the CEO of the company (and who had joined a year ago) coaxed me into going. I went with a colleague of mine who is a social butterfly. We met people, talked, enjoyed the evening and left.

The next day after a presentation I made to a few departments (at which the CEO was present), he called me in to tell me that the presentation was great and asked me how the party was. I replied “ok…good”. He smiled and said ” You’re the classic…

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9 replies on “Introvert or Extrovert…Dogma Debunked

  1. I always knew I was the introvert – I have no problems making friends or looking into the eyes, smiling and talking. I enjoy the company of friends in social gatherings but there are times I long to be by myself in my own space. I cannot say I am the sort who will leave the door open for just anyone to walk in – this is my sacred space and will always be. I have my limitation and nothing really can change that. It is true that people judge you when this becomes an inconvenience to them but that has not changed my stance, I have been this way and believe that I will need to make this change only if I feel the need to and not because I am being judged.
    Your posts leave me with so much to think about, specially because there seem to be may aspects that we share in common.

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    1. Thank you so much for not only reading the post but sharing your feelings too. I felt like I was reading my feelings. Wow! The similarity is uncanny. ” I will change only if I feel the need to and not because I am being judged”. That’s precisely how I feel. Xxx

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      1. Actually, your post opened my eyes to the ‘introvert – extrovert’ difference. I always thought that the fact that I draw lines with keeping my home just that, to giving allowance to fun and enjoyment yet to not go beyond my comfort zone is a factor that makes me different from those who have open doors. But I am so glad that I am not alone there.

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  2. Hahahahaha! The conclusive paragraph differentiating the two with us being happy that, “alas the party’s over and we can recharge ourselves back,” yes friend that very much sums it all up. You know now that I have read it. You are like my sister, you see I’m an introvert by nature but when the situation demands I make small talks and act social, except for work sphere because like you beautifully pointed out exactly we go to work and not to go around having coffee conversations. The downside to it, when you work so hard, you’d be given too much work so you’d anyway never have time to be a social butterfly at work! It’s all fine only till you discover you’re getting recognition and love but appraisals and promotions are actually a different game and it’s honestly about networking with the most horrible being awarded over you because you were busy working and contributing to the organization while they were gushing over coffee breaks every five minutes. Happened with me, my dad and my sister.
    Coming back, so every one thinks my sister is arrogant like they thought about you but she is genuinely a very kind person, far more fun than I am but she doesn’t like small talks so that’s it, they label her arrogant. There is a stigma around it but people don’t understand that and it actually causes practical problems at workplace and otherwise. I wish I could make these people read this article 😐😠

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    1. Thanks for sharing so much Vageesha. Well, I guess not networking must be difficult in huge organisations with loads of employees and maybe in India there’s a lot of politics. Haven’t ever worked there but since you spoke of your dad as well, then that must be it. Fortunately in this part of the world, organisations are smaller so much easier to make a mark. That certainly helped me without me changing though I have been asked to network and talk at every appraisal😊. I totally understand your predicament. I do hope you get into an organisation that’s different or a boss who understands your worth. As for your sis looks like we are birds of the same feather😊

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      1. Hey my friend ☺️ yes you’re quite right, it’s probably more prevalent here because my dad worked in a highly reputed organization and the scenario was definitely on the above lines, I’d rather not talk about it since Dad was a very loyal person and he’d find it disapproving to talk ill of an organization that he dedicated his whole life to.
        But yeah, in smaller organizations things are still better, even here. So I think it requires luck and street smartness, I’m yet to learn the later 😦

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        1. I totally understand and I wish you luck and a great Boss who appreciates what you do. Diplomacy you must excel at and you must pick your battles wisely! All the best dear.


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