Went for a long walk this morning at 8.00 a.m. around the neighborhood. A little late for a ” morning” walk but then it’s the weekend and it’s winters, so the air is a pleasant chill.

Have put the pictures below so you can experience what I saw. Let me know how you feel once you’ve read the poem and seen the pictures and the video below.


The skies are gray,

The sun is out, a ball of white

Or is that the moon that I see in daylight?

Doesn’t He know, it’s time to go now?

And He mustn’t be seen…

The fox-tails gently nod,

Their heads bobbing, in natural reverence

Except for That One, He stands tall in defiance,

Doesn’t He know, He is the odd one out?

And he must bow too…

There’s a wall that’s high, it goes all around,

Not for common eyes, all that’s within

But there are the bougainvillea, growing over the walls, committing a sin,

Don’t they know, they’re flouting the rule?

And they must remain hidden too…

There is a lake on the way, it’s made by man,

A railing encloses, a fountain, some ducks and a few egrets,

Barring the other birds, they don’t care, they fly in and out, with none to vet,

Don’t they know, there are boundaries?

And they must stay away too…

Stepping out into the pavement,

A tree stands tall, its branches bare,

Save the few green leaves, that continue to dare,

Don’t they know, the time of the year?

And they must fall too…

There are flowers around, yellow, pink, white, red,

Their petals fluttering, they line the street,

Hundreds I see, my heart skips a beat,

Don’t they know, where they grow?

And in a few months, they must be gone too…

Rebels they are, the birds, the trees, the flowers,

The maverick sun, the clouds so free and the truant moon,

I behold the beauty of them all; freedom is a boon,

I hear them say, “Don’t you know, this is how it works?”

“No barriers can hold us back and they mustn’t hold you too…”

Copyright©, 2018. lifeateacher.wordpress.com. All Rights Reserved.

Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

15 replies on “Mavericks

  1. There is a beauty in being different, to may be stray from the rules a bit – just for the joy of it. That is a beautiful piece, Smitha. Such lovely pictures, it must have been sheer bliss to take a solitary walk. It is good to be in your own company lost in your own thoughts. Loved your brilliant creation.
    Every time I come in here, I remind myself that I need to go out and take that walk, but now that the warm spell is making a come back, I am wondering what was holding me back all this while – but I always have a zillion excuses.

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    1. Thank you so much Pranitha. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this poem. It is beautiful in the mornings even now though the weather has changed a little now. Do take a walk before it becomes warm again. You know you’ll enjoy it. Just go🙂

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      1. Oh yes! It has begun to be a little dusty and we had another round of fevers, ear aches and rashes for a few weeks so I had to put off that solitary walk again. However, this morning I was lucky to be out when there was this slight drizzle and everything seemed so beautiful. Wishing you a happy weekend.

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        1. Oh dear! Poor you. Its good to know you are fine now. Glad you were able to catch the last of the winters. We got a sand storm the other day and that’s it. No drizzle. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Holi to you’ll!

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  2. ‘maverick sun’ and ‘truant moon’ – I love those images Smitha. And what I love about the poem is the way you’ve used the images of nature that you saw on your walk to illustrate the way we don’t all have to be the same and that sometimes it’s good to break the rules! Lovely photos too.

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    1. Thank you so much Andrea for the lovely comment. Nature seems to be the best teacher second only to life itself, I guess. Though everything here is man-made and not natural like England, one must appreciate the effort put in to convert this desert into a beautiful landscape. Am so glad you enjoyed the connection made. Xxx

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  3. You passed all that during your morning walk♥️ woah! Such fantastic sceneries, what a kickstart to the weekend ☺️ Falling short of words to describe you poetry which as always the best♥️ Refreshing post this was my friend ☺️☺️

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    1. Yes Vageesha. I passed all this and I am happy I could share it with all here. I generally walk with no additional appendage but the mobile phone did come in handy this time…not to monitor the distance I walked or the time taken like the other serious walkers 🙂 but to take pictures. It is beautiful this place, in the winters.Thank you so much for checking in and as always for your encouraging compliment on the poetry. XXX


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