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Age – a number,

Of the life lived, of the memories you made,

Of the laughter, the tears and of bonds you shared,

Of lessons learnt – of victories, of failures, a  reminder…


Age – a gift,

Of every bright new morn’, of every dark night you farewell bade,

Of  every goal you achieved and of every sacrifice you laid,

Of experience- of wisdom, of acceptance, as you moved adrift…


Age – a miracle,

Of all that you can do, of the dreams you can still make,

Of all that’s in your hand and of all that you are yet to take,

Of that what’s possible and that what you believed ‘Impossible”…


Another day, another year has passed by,

Where are you going, do you think with a sigh,

Take a moment to live, this life that’s Yours,

Take a moment to breathe, take a moment now, for tomorrow may not be ours…


Do all that you want to, so you never have to regret not having done.

You can never be prepared enough for the worst, live when you can.

What are you scared of?


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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

28 replies on “What’s your Age? ( Units In Maturity Years)

  1. My age is today I am alive. I don’t care about yesterday as it is over and done. And I don’t have a tomorrow as that is a myth. So I have only now – so now I am alive and I am ageless and I don’t measure my maturity.


  2. Oh yes! With every passing birthday of either of my children, their joy is a reminder that I am a year older too. And that is when I wonder, where did all those years go? Before I realize they would have stepped into their teens and gone would be their little childish banter and all their silliness. This is all I fear. So I try, try to spend every minute with them and drink their childhood as if it is mine. Thank you for the reminder, Smitha.

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    1. Absolutely Pranitha. Children grow so quickly. While they may be naughty, troublesome even, enjoy their childhood. You’re doing the right thing, living your childhood with theirs. Makes me happy to know, you found the poem a reminder. Life’s all about memories. Make many sweet ones. Xxx

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      1. Oh yes! So many sweet ones. I even gone a little far and written down a few in my little diary of thoughts. Not for them but to feed my thoughts may be when they are bigger and wiser. It will be nice to revisit those days that have gone by and reminisce in the wonder of the moment. Loved the poem, Smitha

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        1. Oh I wish I had done that too but when they’re little there’s just so many of them, its difficult to put it all into writing. Hats off to you for doing it. And reading it later will be a walk down memory lane showing you how far you and they have come. Thank you again so much . Xxx


  3. An exceptional post,
    I truly and honestly believe that age is not only just a number, not only the birthdays that you celebrate, it is, rather, a whole bunch of experiences and a life beyond numbers with love, frinedship, emotions and yet another experiences.

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    1. Thank you very much Moushmi. Your beliefs show you are wiser than your years. It’s great to hear how you define age as a sum total of experiences rather than the calendar years. Hope you’re feeling much better now.

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    1. That’s great to hear Sameera. As long as you think of age as just a number and not a limiting factor, you can live life every moment, doing all that you want to or ever wanted to. Thank you Sameera for sharing how you felt☺


  4. Great work Smitha,

    it is not matter how old we are,because the energy in us is always young . Great quotes, I love them. You have a great energy,and I am sure that you will be young forever 🙂

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