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Have you ever had a friend who did not stand up for you? If you did, what did you do?

Because you are a friend,

When the world is against you,

And you do not rise,

I will stand up for you,

I will sympathize.

Because you are a friend,

When the world is against me,

And you do not rise,

I shall stand up alone,

I can not sympathize.

Because we are friends,

I will not despise,

I will tell you the truth, not sweet lies,

I cannot stand by you again and sympathize,

When the world does me ostracize.

For what use is a friend,

Who only does a ear lend-

But when there is a bend,

Cannot the relationship tend,

Such a friendship I choose to end.

Copyright© 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

28 replies on “A True Friend

  1. I have had this many times. I stand by my friends, but I find myself alone when needs be. I have realised not to depend on them. I still help them if they ask for it, stand by them when asked. But I don’t offer directly, most times.
    Lovely truthful post


  2. I have had the fortune of having the bestest friends anyone can ever get from life. They were with me through thick & thin. This poem suddenly reminded me of them. Wonderful.


    1. That’s wonderful Sanjana and it’s a blessing. Sadly, few people can say it with so much confidence as you’ve said it. I’m so glad the poem made you think of them. I hope they got a call or a message from you yesterday :). It’s always great to remind people that you value them. My philiosophy:). Thank you again.


  3. Absolutely! Your poem reminded me of a phrase that I have in my scrap book written by many of my friends, it says, ‘a friend is one who stands on your side when the rest of the world stands against’. It is in these times that is the true test of friendship.


    1. Oh wow! It’s nice the poem brought back some lovely memories. I understand people being weak or not strong enough to express their opinion but if a person is not awakened to stand up for a friend then it’s good as not being one. True, it’s the ultimate test of friendship.

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    1. Thank you so much. Its important to stand up if not for oneself atleast for someone who’s always stood up for you. Sadly some people never find the courage to do either.

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  4. Very powerful words and surely something that one needs to have learnt as values. Although while some friends are really truthfully invested in you, some merely pretend to I have come to realise. And friendships have gotten to complicated too.

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    1. Sadly Vags, some dont pretend but merely lack the courage to stand up. I believe these are worse than those who pretend. Their cowardice breaks your heart and spirit. Or maybe like you said friendships have gotten complicated and a few people like us think everybody should mean what they say simply because we do…

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      1. The people with cowardice, ah. I can absolutely understand the part about them breaking our heart and spirit. They make you lose faith in people and the world.
        Yes I agree with your words, we expect people to be like us, but they aren’t, most of them aren’t.

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