This post is for all those who read my previous post, Farewells -The Event…Make it Worth Remembering

Thank you for checking in. The Farewell was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for more. The surprise elements like the gift, the writing on the cake, the flowers brought by a colleague in another department and the evening dinner with The Boss and the Management team added the zing to a perfectly planned and executed farewell.

10.30 a.m. Everybody invited was there unless they were on leave

The team had arranged the food, the drinks and the cake and I stood at the door welcoming everybody. It felt more like a family affair. The temperature in the training room was perfect (I hate it when it’s too cold for it makes me tremble involuntarily) and the smiles and words only added to the warmth.

I’m not going to write anymore now and will just add the pictures because in this case I think, pictures can speak so much more than words itself…

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14 replies on “The Farewell

  1. It sure looks like you deserved this wonderful farewell. You look happy and yes the cake says it all. So so glad that all went better than well. I am sure after everything went so smooth, you must have that strange feeling of goodness that you left the organization leaving everyone with smiles.
    Enjoy the break, Smitha!


    1. It was a lovely farewell 🙂 And yes, I’m glad it ended well. The last period can be quite a test to one’s nerves and it’s so easy to split. I can only thank God for all of it. Thanks Pranitha for the wishes and thank you so much for being there throughout the journey.

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      1. Good to know, Smitha. At least you can say, all is well that ended well. You will have beautiful memories of that last day which will count for the many years to come.
        It was a pleasure to read and be a part of your beautiful journey, Smitha. Wishing you all the best for all the great opportunities that await you.

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    1. Thank you so much Robbie for your words that made me smile. It was indeed perfect especially since it wasn’t just my team but others too who appreciated the work done. It was satisfying. Thank God it went off well.

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  2. Heylo my friend! How are you feeling now? 😊
    I read both the parts and must say it was a delight as well as informative to read them.
    The pictures from your farewell made me emotional. Your team definitely looks up to you and they will feel your absence. As an employee it has to be one of the best things to realise that you were a very integral part of the organization. It was really great to see you again (I think I saw your pictures in Italy trip post.)
    The writing on the cake♥️ The first few days will go in a blur as happen on breaks but gradually I sure hope my dear friend, you find what you’re looking for. Take good care of yourself and don’t forget to unwind!
    PS what’s in those small square plates?

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    1. Love you for checking in on me. You definitely are an angel. I’m glad you found them informative. Yes, its best to take things in your hands rather than regret it.
      The farewell was beautiful Vags. Much, much more than I expected. It was an amazing feeling especially when people from other departments also shared what they felt ( considering I am an introvert). It was perfect in every way. Thank God.
      Thank you so much Vags for your constant encouragement and support. I will unwind and I’ll let you know how I’m doing.
      That is Manakish- Arabic bread with cheese. Its delicious. Some had sour cream with vegetables, one had mince meat and the other one was pizza.🙂

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      1. Hahaha I felt so happy to read about the angelic part😍😂
        You deserve all the love my friend, that is why you got that from me and your colleagues 😊 I hope you’re enjoying yourself. I was down with food poisoning, could not do anything for the past three four days. Missed a ton here too!
        Oh that sounds delicious, a few days ago I wouldn’t have felt the same although 😂😂 have fun my friend. Xoxo😄😄


        1. No wonder you’ve been missing from action.:) Hope you’re feeling much better now and have nursed back to health. After seeing too much food or falling sick because of food, it can disgust you. I felt the same last week after I had taken my team out for dinner. Just too much of barbecue around for my liking :).
          Anyways, welcome back my dear and hope to hear more from you soon. Hugs

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          1. Yes my friend, even the thought of food was enough to make me uneasy. But I’m thankfully better now, thanks so much my friend for your kind words and concern. Yeah I understand it gives an uneasy feeling when you don’t like a particular food and everyone is about it.
            Yes I will something soon. I’m glad I’m getting to read more from you😊😊take care🌼😄

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