Had written this poem in 2017. Felt the need to re-post it today on World Poetry Day after reading the papers. A massive glacier “The Totten Glacier”, the size of France is slowly moving from Antarctica in the ocean. It is much larger than was thought earlier and could wreak havoc when it melts. Then watched the BBC News and saw the amount of garbage dumped in the oceans. While we worry over petty things and work towards providing the best to our children, what about the earth that we are leaving behind for our kids?

National Poetry Writing Challenge, Day 22 is to write a georgic poem in honor of Earth Day. The georgic could be a simple set of instructions on how to grow or care something, but it could incorporate larger themes as to how land should be used (or not used) or for what purposes.

Notes – 1)Shalom is the Hebrew word for farewell. 2)In a whole year of 8760 hours, we can’t just devote one hour to the earth we live on. We have no existence without the earth.

Each one of us has a role. If you’re wondering what you can do to help, say “No” to plastic bags, stop using plastic disposable plates, cups etc., plant some trees, nurture some plants, don’t waste electricity, don’t waste paper and be the center of the circle of influence. Let’s do what we can. We owe it to this world. We owe it to our children. I would request each one of you to show responsibility towards whats happening.Do share your comments below on what you’ve done until now to help reduce global warming or what you intend doing henceforth.


We call it progress,

All we did was digress,

Forgot the basic tenet,

We and the elected senate,

It’s time we watch out,

Can’t continue to flout,

All the signs out there,

Are saying “Beware, Beware”!

The glaciers are melting,

Fresh water’s depleting,

Sea levels rising,

Why isn’t anybody listening?

Flowers are wilting,

Sea-life dying,

A sure slow poisoning,

For what are we waiting?

Tornadoes, Thunder showers, Cyclones, Hurricanes,

Floods, Forest fires, Droughts, Heavy Rains,

Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, the impacts insane,

We’re destroying the earth for our personal gains,

The generations to come shall pay the price and bear the pains,

And think of us with utter disdain,

We don’t care, We won’t be there, so let them clean up our stains,

While we ignore and ignore and continue to feign!

Awaken, one and all, open your eyes to the destruction,

Industrialization’s negative repercussion,

Arms and ammunition, aggravating the situation,

Graver than climate change, the rising air pollution,

Flora, fauna and the human race, on the path to extinction,

Talking’s no more a solution,

What’s required is a collective action,

It’s their job, not ours, a faulty notion!

Let the children not pay the price for our indifference,

Let’s work together to make a difference,

Not enough an hour out of Eight thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty,

Not enough a day out of Five and Three Hundred and Sixty,

Not enough to change our losses into wins,

Not enough to pay for our sins,

It’s our planet, our world, our home,

Let’s each do our part before we say Shalom, Shalom.

Copyright©, 2018. lifeateacher.wordpress.com. All Rights Reserved.

Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

18 replies on “World Poetry Day : Do Your Bit Now!Let’s Save Ourselves. The Earth Can Take Care of Itself!

  1. I read that every single plastic bag that has been created and used by us still lives on this planet and that is itself a big cause of worry. We can and will need to work to eradicate plastic, put to use concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle so that we leave a better home for our children.


    1. Yes we must Pranitha. Most countries have taken a stand and charge for a plastic bag and this deters people from taking the extra plastic from the shop. I’m not sure why the same rule cannot be implemented here.

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  2. This is a great poem, Smitha. I should win an award. The weather is so cold and snowy in Europe and Northern US but still people aren’t convinced about global warming. In Southern Africa we have terrible droughts alternating with endless rain and flooding. We had a much more reliable rain pattern 10 years ago.


    1. Robbie you made my day with your comment. :). It feels so good to be heard and appreciated. Yes, I did read about the droughts. It’s terrible and yet on our side of the world, we consume so much water. It just seems so unfair. Yes, the hurricanes, the forest fires… and yet no drastic measure has been taken to solve the problem. It’s like we are waiting for something bigger to happen. Thanks again Robbie. XXX


  3. What a beautiful post, my friend. Speaks volumes. There is so much to ponder over as well as it gives a prompt as to how everyone holds a responsibility and not just those holding power. After all we owe it to give back to nature for what all it has given us, be it a small change. It burns my heart when I see people wasting water especially the whole arrangements in fancy hotels and malls(the washrooms which make sure, one ends ups using way more than is required.)

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    1. Thank you Vags. Yes, there is…so much to ponder but like you said so much is happening every day that seems out of our control, so we decide to ignore it or forget it. It’s a way to survive. But things like saving water, reducing pollution are things within our hands and we need to each work towards it. We can each create a circle of influence around us. Yes, me too…really feel they should stop allowing filling of tubs and stick to showers. Doing something is the only way to ensure our survival.

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      1. Yes I agree about the method to survive logic especially for people who get affected by things and take them to heart. It has harmed me in different ways.
        Yes I agree with you, we should at least take care of things that are in our control.


    1. Thanks Sandhya. All of us need to act and spread the message…like you said before it is too late. There is no use if we do not do anything about it. I am so glad you felt about it as well.


  4. Great poem Smitha,

    it seems that we are very destructive beings, right.We destroyed planet, climate.We must change our collective consciousness,and that is possible and this is only possible through the change of individual consciousness.

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