Morning News…Wake Up!

Morning News…Wake Up!



A bomb fell today,

On Idlib (Syria), they say,

20 Children, 16 women, among the dead,

A news item, over coffee, we read…

Shopping for Mother’s Day, it said,

When a rocket hit, by rebel forces led,

“Oh, that’s terrible”, your heart for a moment thought-

And turning the page, you quickly forgot.


World Water Day, the next headline in bold,

“Conserve. Use Wisely!”, the readers’ told,

A photograph: S.Africa – blacks and whites alike, in a queue,

Buckets in hand, standing, to collect their due,

“Whites too!”, aghast, you think,

“Something must be done. The world’s on the brink!”

Last year’s photograph had little Indian kids scrambling for water,

And somehow, it seemed alright, it didn’t matter…


A terror attack in Kabul –

27,000 detainees, tortured, Iraqi Prisons Full…

“What’s new about that? It’s been on since 2003 or longer!”

9 year old Boy shoots sister, over a video game remote. ” That’s a bummer!”

“Thank God, we’re safe! Can’t do much. Just good to know what’s happening”-

Dinner table conversation or over- coffee discussion -Sounds rather enlightening.

“Ah, this is new”, Women allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia- “That’s nice!”,

And here’s Trump congratulating Putin, to add some spice!


Have we as a generation become immune to everything that goes around us?



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13 responses to “Morning News…Wake Up!”

  1. I am so so glad somebody spoke about the lack of empathy that many people have gotten accustomed to. It may be a defence mechanism against the onslaught of sad, down feelings and helplessness it brings – so since they think they can’t do anything, they prefer not to pay much attention to it. But there are many who actually are totally chill about dreadful news and a lot of times feel sad selectively exactly like you mentioned, reading about terrible happenings, discussing them easily as if one talks of weather and then off to the most regular, happy or senseless babbling as if nothing erupted inside over the dreadfulness. How does that happen? Where is the heart that usually hurts painfully, grieves and soon afterwards goes in worry at the state of affairs or over general well being.

    • I am so glad you found the post essential. After I wrote it, I wondered if it sounded like I was sermonising but it just felt like I had to ask the question to myself and to others. A kind of…stop and think…atleast for a moment. To your question ” how does that happen?”, we’ve simply become immune…sadly. Thanks again Vags for commenting. Even 1 comment feels like someone has stopped to think about it.

    • Hi Robbie, Just watching the news makes you wonder what’s going on. I did not want to sound like I was questioning people on what they felt but just felt like everybody, me included was becoming apathetic towards whatever’s going around. I hope you liked it.

  2. Indeed we have! I myself have been thinking about the same lately. News such as Murders, rapes, terrorist attacks, which were enough to send our minds into a tizzy at one point back in time no longer make us even pause and sympathise with victims anymore.
    Human race is moving towards an era of obduracy it seems.

  3. News is just that, hot news that keeps us busy over the morning cuppa. It is true that we can do little about a civil war that has been raging for years but we can at least be thankful and count our blessings, may be share a little of what we do not use for their benefit. Conservation is another news item that is a constant reminder to us.
    We are now used to reading about the bloodshed and the suffering of these people. Wonder if we sometimes take it for granted too for we are the lucky ones not at the suffering end.

    • Yes Pranitha. Just wanted to say that we need to make the little differences we can in our own little ways rather than blaming the government, the world and everything else around us. Thank you for expressing your concern too. Touching even 1 person feels like a job done. XXX

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