Today’s challenge was to write a poem of simultaneity – in which multiple things are happening at once. A nice example might be Emily Dickinson’s “I heard a Fly buzz – when I died”, or this powerful poem by Sarah Green.

All I had to do for today’s prompt was take a page of my life when my mind and my mobile are at their active best. Multiple things happen at once. Wrote a prose poem for this prompt initially. And then revised it the next morning. Have retained both the original and the revision.


This is the revised version of the poem. Below it is the original prose-poem.

6:00 a.m. The alarm rings

Shut my eyes and close my ears

But there are umpteen things,

That got to be done, so I better get out or end up in tears

Turn on the water heater, Iron the uniform,

Better get the pasta cooking, avoid a panic storm

Beep! says my phone. It’ll only take a minute. Let me check.

It’s Meghan and Harry planning their wedding deck

Scroll, scroll, this here is her hair stylist and that’s her best friend

They do look stunning… there’s work I must tend

Add some pine seeds and the green pesto sauce

Lunch boxes ready; what’s this on Zumba? I’m at a loss

Time’s ticking, another beep

Kim Kardashian’s family pic- “first ever”, so it says

And there’s Zuckerberg telling us ways

to protect our data. Better rush or the kids will be late

Lindo wing‘s getting ready to take in Kate

Oh set it aside I must. Bread, jam, milk on the table

Can’t have the “Careless Mom” label

“Where’s my scarf?” can hear them screech

Hunt, hunt for that which was never lost. In the wardrobe, within their reach

Beep again. It’s about the Queen- a pretty picture in a yellow floral dress

Shove the phone aside. Time’s ticking. Its adding to my stress.

Goodbye, goodbye, cheeks kissed

Is it late in California? Call now or face the wrath of a sister pissed

Comments, Messages, Posts and Beeps

Seconds, minutes, hours roll by, its giving me the creeps

News on deaths tragic!

Royal news pops up again, its got to be a trick

They’re influencing my brain, taking away my time

Kate and Meghan, the comparison -what’s that to me, not worth a dime

Cambridge Analytica, it must definitely be

Messing up my head, monitoring what I see!

Original Prose Poem

Meghan and Harry look bewitching. She is absolutely stunning. Look at her hair and her smile. The wedding’s on May 19th.Kate’s due to deliver now…They are betting on the name of the baby to be born. For God’s sake, aren’t there better things to do? Here’s another :

Kate prettier or Meghan? Seriously, don’t people have a life. What’s this? Kim Kardashian’s first family photo of five. Really? First picture!That’s surprising. Isn’t she the one who posts a selfie on Instagram every single day. This one’s bad: a documentary on plastic pollution in our oceans. That’s disturbing. And it’s terribly sad. All our garbage dumped in the water! Now what’s Zuckerberg saying about the data leak?

Nothing much apparently-just ways to change users’ privacy settings. An invention that turned into a monster. But nobody really cares They’re still posting pictures of themselves and their kids and telling people what they are eating and where they’re going. Now they’ve moved to Instagram instead.

Hey, this is Paul walker’s daughter: Oh, she’s so pretty! Feel sorry for the way he died. So good looking. 5 years already. Ironic I say. Fast and furious actor, dies in a car crash. Death’s tragic. Destiny. I wonder how Ank’s daughter is doing. Can’t seem to forget her. Full of life, she came and went like a breath of fresh air. God, please let her soul rest in peace. Wonder what time it is in California. Too late to call now. I hope they’re fine. What’s that smell?

Shucks! The rice is burnt. How fast does this new grain cook? Stupid me! I must remember to take care next time. Better open the window a bit. The smoke’s choking. Gosh, its warm and its barely 10.00 a.m. Summer’s here. Winter went in the blink of an eye. No more excuses. I have to put on my walking shoes again. What was that post on 8 fitness goals for 2018, that I had read?

Run a marathon, Use kettle bells, Climb to a high altitude, touch your toes, do a plank, do push-ups, do a pull-up and try Zumba! That’s new. If dad could do it, I’m sure I can too. O.k. he didn’t actually do it. He watched the youngsters at the camp do it but at his age, that counts too, doesn’t it?

The WordPress icon is showing. Its Pranitha, Preethi, Moushmi, Vandana and Robbie. They never let me down. I must reply. Here is Katie’s, Shan’s and Dahlia’s comment as well!

Need to find the recipe on the cutlets and trifle. Was it BBC Good foods or All Recipes that I had tried? One was bad and the other was a hit. Oh dear! I can’t seem to remember which was which.

A message on messenger from a friend and another one on what’s app from Binny– an invitation to coffee! Sounds good. Tomorrow should be nice.

But first I must call the grocery. Need to order some fruits and milk…Hey, Facebook’s showing some new notifications. Oh, it’s dear Kalps, Merriline and Madhuban.

What’s the Queen saying of Trump and Obama? She does look charming in a yellow dress. The flowers matching those in the garden. Pretty, pretty. Why is there no news from family in India? Busy with the wedding or a problem with the net. Gosh! it’s 11 a.m. How long have I been staring at this silly screen? It’s ruining my eyes and messing my head.

One second though. Why is Meghan always in trousers and Kate in dresses? And Salman Khan is on bail for the black buck case. It’s 12 p.m. already. Damn!

Wait. There’s one more message on the phone. Its from dear Fy. I have to respond. Smile, wink, ha ha…while reality waits: food to be cooked, beds to be made, laundry waiting and dishes in the sink!

Why are my nails chipping off and these red spots on the skin? Don’t panic. Check Google. It’ll only take a minute. Oh My God! What’s this? Oh forget it. Focus, focus, “breathe in, breathe out. Live in the present. Smile.”

Is it the 10th today or the 9th? Facebook is reminding me to send birthday wishes. There- Type- Send- Done. What’s this now on Vitamin D? Wait a minute. Why is Megan and Harry back on my screen and Kate too? It must be Cambridge Analytica . Praise the Lord! It’s 1.00 p.m!


P.C. From the net

Copyright ©, 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

22 replies on “NaPoWriMo 2018: Day 10- New Mornings, Beautiful Minds, Interfering Mobiles (Multiple things are happening at once)

  1. Wonderful post. These lines resemble the kind of brain waves I have on some days. Most days I am focused. I hardly look at news or other pings. Only the calls I attend. Rest all go into my cache. I see it only when I am in the cab or on the go. I get angry with myself if I have so many thought waves, so I let it all slide


    1. You’re envious of the madness in the mornings 🙂 Seriously…it gets crazy around here…not too much fun at the time though. Thank you for checking out the poem and commenting.


  2. Wonderful poem Smitha. That is a real gift, when your mind is in that high frequency where you can write a poem about everything, and that sounds deep .As Goethe said:”Every day we should hear at least one little song, read one good poem, see one exquisite picture, and, if possible, speak a few sensible words.”

    Thank you

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ben you made my day with your comment. Just when I was giving up on this challenge. Thank you so much for considering my poem good enough to satisfy Goethe’s quotes. You have no idea how much inspiration I have derived from your comment. Thanks Ben🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are so welcome Smitha. Of course you are fulfilling the conditions.You have a gift.Never give up. Thank you for your kind words 🙂 Stay on your road


  3. Oh Wooow… The new version is better than the old one Smitha 🙂 I love these lines that you have added :

    That got to be done, so I better get out or end up in tears

    Turn on the water heater, Iron the uniform,

    Better get the pasta cooking, avoid a panic storm

    Add some pine seeds and the green pesto sauce (I looooveeee pasta especially pesto yuummm 😛 ) There is a restaurant in Bangalore called 1947 in Jayanagar, pesto pasta is reaaalllllllly good in this restaurant)

    Can’t have the “Careless Mom” label

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All I can say to you Preethi is you’re a darling. Made this for the kids today so once it was packed, it went into the poem. Anyways if and when we meet it shall be at this Jayanagar joint. What say😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That is so sweet of you 😊😊 I didn’t wanted to mention as I wanted to give you a surprise, but then I have to mention it now😜 I won’t give away the whole part of the suprise but in case you have time then do check by post on AtoZ… Especially on the letter ‘O’ which will be posted next week😉 (Psst I had scheduled this post on 5th of April it’slf)😜

    Fingers crossed, hope our creativity gets a boost tomorrow 😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woke up in the morning and found your comment. Surprise? I can’t wait for this post of yours. When exactly will it be posted?
      Woke up with the feeling that this poem needs reworking on. So today’s going to be Reworking Day! Maybe I need to get rid of names…I’m thinking. What do you think? And make it more of a ‘forever’ kind of poem and not just something in the present.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Smitha 🙂 It is very small thing nothing big actually 😛 The post will be exactly on 17th April’18.
        The poem is good but if you feel it has to be reworked then go ahead. Make the changes you feel and check if that sounds even more great than the current one… If it does then go ahead with the changes 🙂
        Hope I was helpful 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Hahahahaha I love this post Smitha 🙂 Yaa, the time just flies when you are looking at your mobile 😛 😀
    Thank you so much, you have mentioned about me in your poem 🙂 (Jig) Hugs.xx 🙂 🙂 🙂 Oh this is a very special day for me…. I was feeling really low, as my attempt on today’s prompt didn’t go well. I feel my poem is incomplete and the time was ticking and i didn’t wanna be late to submit… But you made my day 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Thank you Preethi. Had to write your name. Your comments encourage me everyday. 🙂 Happy to know my post made you smile. Hopefully the creative juices flow for all of us tomorrow. TC. XXX

      Liked by 1 person

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