Got a message from Preethi, a fellow blogger the night before last. She had a ‘small surprise’ for me in her own words, which on seeing wasn’t that small at all.

In her post A To Z Challenge, Letter “O” , where Preethi talks about things she’s obsessed about, there’s a paragraph that mentions me and the blog. Now, don’t get it wrong. Preethi isn’t obsessed with me. She’s found value in what I write and her announcing it on the WordPress forum means more than a lot to me.

While I do not wish to sound like a braggart, I have pasted below the lines written by Preethi on her post, regarding this blog. And in doing so, I want to say, “Thank you Preethi. Your words made me feel my posts and my writing have been worthwhile. It’s the best response I have received so far to the blog. I have no idea how the posts helped or which one in particular but I am just so glad you found strength through them. Thank you for sharing how you felt. Strong people always find a way to get through. So you did. But in writing the below, you show both confidence and generosity. Not everybody can praise so generously.”

Today I would like to thank one of my favorite blogger Smitha, whose posts inspired me when I was lost or stuck; her posts have been a ray of hope for me to look at things on a brighter side. Her post gave me strength and guided me to handle & face the situation. Smitha, there are times I wondered how on earth you knew what I was going through to become my strength through your posts. I feel so connected with your posts.

Thanks to all those who like and comment

Over a period of one and a half years, I have got 700 odd followers, much lesser than many others who manage to get these numbers within a few months (how they do it still remains a mystery to me). While it’s wonderful seeing the number of followers increasing, I have realized that it’s just a number. What truly counts are the likes and the comments that you get on a post. To those who’ve liked and commented on my posts, I am honestly grateful.

When I started this blog, it was because I wanted to share my feelings on things that mattered to me, with a wider audience other than my family , my friends and my colleagues. I also wanted to leave behind a part of me for my kids, in a way that would last forever. I wasn’t sure if I would ever write a book. I’m still not. I wasn’t sure if I would ever get published in a paper. I’m still not. But blogging allowed me to write, without the fear of being judged or rejected. Last but not the least, I have always believed that if you can make a difference in even 1 person’s life, then that’s success. Preethi’s comment is a drop in the ocean but for me it’s one that’s quenched my thirst.


As a way of taking this wonderful feeling forward, I’d like to thank the following bloggers whose comments on my writing have been extremely encouraging and supportive.

Imperfectly Perfect

Robbie’s Inspiration

Feelings and Freedom

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Aesthetic Miradh

Book Reviews by Shalini

Views of Preethi

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Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved.

Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

25 replies on “A Pleasant Surprise from a Fellow Blogger

    1. Oh! It does seem unfair isn’t it? 😊 I’ve got only the ladies mentioned… 😀. This is for being regular and not forgetting in between…you think you can do that?😊


  1. Thank you, Smitha. Means so so much. But then you deserve it. As fellow bloggers we are well aware that your words are strung with great care until they have meticulously become beautiful poetry. I love your posts, I love the path of your thoughts and most of all I love your poems and prose. Keep them coming, Smitha, we are there right behind you.


  2. What a wonderful compliment, Smitha, and one you definitely deserve. Your poetry is both inspiring and empowering. Thank you for mentioning me here with these other amazing bloggers. Hugs.


    1. Thank you so much Robbie. It felt absolutely wonderful and this comment of your just makes me feel even better. Thank you for being supportive and you’re welcome 🙂 Hugs.


  3. i totally agree with you Smitha the number of followers is end of the day just a number, what matters the most. is hen one receive the likes and comments on the post. 🙂 The comments expecially makes you feel more special and happy as they are not only giving us their precious time to read our post but also comment and express their views which to me is a blessing from them, it makes me feel I have been able to fianally connect with someone and that is a very speacial feeling. I am spechless not every good at expressing my feelings… But I am sure you get what I am trying to say 🙂

    Thank you Smitha for everything from the day 1 when we got connected till this day and to this post on your blog. 🙂 It is very speacial and near to my heart… Thank you Smitha 🙂


    1. You couldn’t have explained it better Preethi…”those who comment are those who have read the post and are giving their time”. I totally get what you’re saying.
      You’re the one I should thank Preethi for sharing how you felt. Its wonderful to meet you here on WordPress. XXX

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Angela. It meant a lot to me. I wasn’t sure if it would be taken as bragging. I’m so glad you liked it. Your comment makes me confident I was right in sharing it. Thank you.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Not at all bragging, in my opinion. You simply shared what happened and what it means to you. It’s not bragging. It’s not false modesty (if you wouldn’t have shared). It’s sharing how surprisingly wonderful writing and being read can be. It’s an inspiration.

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  4. Wow Smitha,

    what a wonderful post. It is great when we can inspire someones, and it is great when we can find and inspiration in someone. We are humans and we should support each others.That is really great comment from Preethi, which is I am sure a road sign for you that you are on the right track.My parole is “If you can not motivate someone,do not discourage him/her too.” That is sometimes great motivation !
    Thank you for mention me in your post . I really appreciate that !

    Stay blessed

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    1. Thank you Ben so much. Its true. There is nothing greater than being somebody’s inspiration. Thank you for always giving me the confidence that I was on the right track. I agree its better to be silent than discourage. I find inspiration in your posts, Ben and I am sure many others have told you the same so I couldn’t not mention it. Thankyou for the good wishes.


  5. That must have been a lovely surprise Smitha.
    And yes I agree with you the number of followers hardly matter, what matters is who read and resonates with you, who inspires you with their comments and keeps you going, letting you right 🙂

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    1. Absolutely Moushmi. It was the sweetest surprise. Yes followers is just a number unless they make an attempt to connect. I’m glad you wrote. I wanted to add your blog in the list too but wasn’t sure whether it goes with a new name after the change. Do send me the link so I can add it. And again you’re one of those whose comments I await.😊

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