I wrote a prose poem today. I just had to because its been nagging me and refuses to leave me until I put it down in writing. So while I have to do the NaPoWriMo challenge, I can only begin it once I’ve got this out of my head.

So, here it is :

I went for a walk today. Weird you’d say. I’ve been holed up at home, the last few weeks with the sun glaring through the windows fooling me that summer had come. Today was different though. I woke up early, so early, that the sky was a quiet gray like it was winter still. I think it fooled me again because I wore my jacket and stepped out. A cool spring breeze blew. Not cold enough though to wear a jacket, so out it came and got tied around my waist. What a waste, all those weeks that I sat at home, thinking spring had gone… The fox-tails bobbed their heads as I passed. A black-crested bird flew past. A little too close like I was trespassing in his territory. There were some others too who I couldn’t see. I heard them though. They were in the trees. A lot of chirping and calling they were doing like the morning rush at home when to school and work everybody’s going. I tiptoed without making a sound and into the lane I turned- the one that’s lined with flowers. You had asked me about these flowers yesterday- if there was a park close to where I stay. I see them now and in my mind I answer you. Its not a park. Its a street that’s lined with trees and flowers and has grass and birds. Its almost like a park, a big, open one without an enclosure. The trees, they line the roads on either side. They meet on the top, their branches entwined like dancers’ fingers. There’s one that’s different. Its on the way. It doesn’t have a top but the leaves grow over it’s bark like an ostrich- feather stole that’s used as a wrap.I see nets today around the dates, hanging overhead. It’s a sign that’s summer’s coming soon and the dates will ripen and may fall. I’m not too good with names – names of trees and birds and flowers. The only one I know is the bougainvillea- pink, white, red and yellow. They’re all over the walls and fall onto the street, like the royal, red carpet that’s laid out at the Oscars. Only so much more prettier. The rest, I can describe them to you and maybe you’d know their names. There are these very tiny red ones that fall during the night and lie on the pavement and yellow ones- some small that grow on shrubs, and some big that look down from the trees. There are also the fiery orange ones that you’d generally find on trees- flame of the forest I think they’re called, but here the trees are pruned, so I can touch them as I walk. Then there are some minuscule purple flowers which most people wouldn’t notice because they grow on the grass and people don’t look down so much these days, you know. I also saw some new ones today – pretty white ones, when I looked up to see the sky. They’re as dainty as gossamer lace, on a bride’s veil. The early morning sun, made them shimmer. Funny, I hadn’t noticed them before I think. Maybe I took extra care today so I didn’t miss out on anything while telling you… The lake you asked about- that’s a little farther. I won’t be going there now but maybe someday when you’re around. I walked past the coffee shop, the one I told you about. The one where we could sit out, under the shade of the big, green tree and sip coffee for hours. The staff at the cafe’ are really sweet. They never interrupt. I know. Because I’ve gone there, with friends before. It’s only the sparrows who come in between… to grab a crumb or two. They are fine though. They stop chirping when they see us talking. Its funny how I’m thinking of all that you said… yesterday. Because yesterday was the first time we met.

Have you ever met somebody for the first time and it never felt like it was the first? OR Have you ever met somebody where you found there were just too many things in common, that you began to believe God lost his creativity somewhere and wrote a story you understood too well, that it didn’t have to be said? OR Have you ever met somebody that you could have met so much earlier because when you traced your life against theirs, you saw that your roads intersected so many times but you met them only today just before the roads separated again?


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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

17 replies on “Prose Poem : Why do I feel I know you?

  1. Yes! I have met…a friend I first met on a lovely morning..a friend whom I know but it’s her creative world I knew until that day.. a friend in whose company surprisingly felt like a long-lost friendship blossoming once again..and not a second thought, a quiet uncomfortable moment went by in her amazing company. It was so real that 2 hours become 3 and yet we wondered where the time went.. as if it were not if it would very soon spill over into planning the next meeting. Our lives were meant to intervene in that road that led to the coffee shop over warm coffee and a sandwich that I barely remember… it is the good time I remember – the laughs, the stories and that long long walk in the air conditioned confines.
    I was just destined to meet her and she me. I wish it had been done earlier but then everything… even a meeting has a right time.. so we did and hopefully we will do again soon!

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    1. So true Pranitha…everything has a time and you know you’ve met a friend when you remember the laughs. 😊. So perfectly said…” not one uncomfortable moment” . Hugs. Xxx

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  2. Hi Smitha! What a lovely poem you have here ☺

    Your post reminds me of a Chinese proverb I once read about “a red string that connects those who are distined to meet, regardless of time, space or circumstance”
    I have met some souls aliken to mine several times already. Those kind of acquintance that amazed me about how connected I am to a person despite just meeting them for the first time. Maybe because of our comonalities. It’s rather an ethereal feeling I must say.
    I have a few of those missed-connection sort of experiences as well haha.
    Love your post. Keep it up 👍

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    1. Hi Andrei🖐. Its so, so good to hear from you after such a long time and again your comment’s made me smile. Thank you for sharing this very beautiful Chinese proverb. Its so true. And you’re lucky to have met so many people who you feel connected to. Ah… the missed connection ones😀 I have quite a few of those. Thank you so much Andrei. Please don’t disappear again😊.

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      1. Happy as well to read from you, Smitha. And you’re most welcome.
        Reading from friends posts here at WP is truly one of the things I miss lately.
        Haha, I’ve been gone long enough, I guess. Happy to be back ☺

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  3. Smitha, I love the way you attach these so appropriate quotes to each of your posts…and I wish to add a favourite quote of mine “We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes it run over; so in a series of kindnesses there is at last one which makes the heart run over.”- from James Boswell’s The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D..

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    1. Thank you so much for your quote. It’s beautiful. And I honestly love your comments. They are so well thought out just like your writing. By the way, I did find the follow button now (on the laptop) and I’m following your blog. You’ve been blogging since 2004! I just started since Aug 2016. I’m sure I have loads to learn from you.


  4. OOohhh Wooooww Smitha I just love this prose poem… Damn it is soooo good and OMG with what flow and beautiful words you have written Smitha… It is simply beautiful, I could picture it right in-front of my eyes 🙂
    Oh I love to walk on that street filled with dry leaves and flowers, the pavement filled with those tiny red and yellow ones.. Aww so lovely and and and I love those tiny purple flowers, those are actually my favorite 🙂 Oh you filled my heart with so much beauty and happiness with this beautiful write Smitha 🙂

    And yes I totally agree with meeting a stranger whom you feel you have known for ages, how you find few things common between the two, how well they understand leaving you with the thought why didn’t you meet them earlier… 🙂

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    1. Ok😀 I absolutely love your comments. You do justice to the writing. Now I can get on with my work😊. Thank you so much Preethi. Seriously you deserve a hug and a ⚘. Yes, its beautifully strange. Your comment is like a lovely extension to my poem. Hugs😊

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        1. Will write it soon. I know exactly what I need to fix about myself (like most people) but I just don’t do it. Isn’t that a shame :). Consider it as a bouquet of flowers 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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          1. Yes I totally agree we know what need to be fixed with us but yet we ignore and postpone things… Yaa It is a shame :p Yes I admit….God I am too Lazy… 😛

            Ohhh Woooww Thanks for the bouquet of flowers it’s is been years since I received one 🙂
            You too have a wonderful day Smitha 🙂


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