I look in the mirror,
And what do I see?
A stranger-
That once upon a time was me.
A gray hair here, a gray hair there,
An age spot here, an age spot there,
Crow’s feet, grooves, hollows, you name it; they’re there,
The truth for all to see, lying naked and bare.
Pensive, I ask, “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
“Is this really me? Pray, tell me. Tell me all…”

Not an ounce of doubt, it’s you alright,
And age, my dear, has not dimmed my sight…
I see wisdom, I see experience,
In the silvery strands that grace thy countenance,
The love of nature, the love of outdoors; the sun and wind in thy face,
In the freckles that dot your cheeks; like exquisite lace…
I see laughter, I see joy,
In the lines that crease, when your lips curve up; sweet and coy,
I see a life well lived, a life lived right,
In the softness of thy skin, still smooth and tight.
I’ve seen you grow, I’ve seen the transformation,
The tears, the failures, the challenges, the perspiration…

Girl, you’ve come a long way, from where you began,

And I, your mirror on the wall,

Bare witness to the fears, the heart breaks, the rise, the fall,

The passage of time has made Me, your mirror, your biggest fan!

What does your mirror on the wall show you? Would love to hear your version of this prompt.


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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

12 replies on “Prompt: Mirror on the Wall

  1. “You’ve got to sleep early, ” my mirror to me every morning!
    Jokes apart, I have honestly not read a better version of a woman’s conversation with her mirror. It warmed my heart with bitter sweet and then proud emotions. I am so lucky to have a wordsmith like you in my blog. ♥️🌸


    1. “You must sleep early,” I’ll tell you too if you aren’t getting enough of sleep. Its extremely essential for health and if you want to look good 🙂
      I am proud to know you and have you as a reader. What more does a writer want than a reader who can relate? You are a natural motivator. God Bless You!


    1. Thank you Andrea. I am so glad you liked it. Every line, every spot has a story to tell which makes us who we are. And I’d rather hold on to it than go for the current age treatments that help one get rid of it all 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sanjana. Well if you remembered Snow White, then I have another poem for you that you must read if you have the time ‘ To err is human.’ I do hope you enjoy it😊 Thanks again for commenting.


  2. Hi Smitha,

    this is one lovely poem and wonderful motivation story. Yes, that person can change our life on better or in other direction.In mirror we can see only the time impact time on us, we do not see unfortunately our impact on time. Keep writing Smitha


    1. Hi Ben,
      Thank you so much. You said it- “the mirror shows us the impact of time on us and not our impact on time’. I love how you’ve put it in a nut-shell. We need to ensure our impact on time is far greater than time’s impact on us. Thank you Ben for your valuable comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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