Tender Moments

I sneak silently into the room,
A quick peak I take of my budding blooms,
Their breathing soft – rises and falls, a melodious rhapsody,
To the soothing sound of a Spanish symphony…

Their countenance silken smooth; serene,
Tugs my heart, an enticing scene, 
Each distinctly different, yet subtly the same,
Contrasting as night and day; asleep, they look- Oh! So tame, 
Their striking silhouette, in the mellow moonlit night,
Slightly stirring, they curl; enraptured I gaze at the sight…
One’s creamy-white skin peeps from the warm woolen quilt above,
And the other’s little chocolaty toe pushes its way from below,
One, strong and athletic; the other, dainty and petite,
Poles apart in every way; a miracle I behold, a divine treat.

The window slightly ajar, lets in the wintry wind,
Blowing their untied tresses over their satiny skin; I lean,
O’er their tender frames; and sweep the bouncy, brown curls away, 
And the silk-smooth strands of the other, as in deep slumber they lay,

Both unique, both special, both a part of me,
Peas in a Pod, they are and shall forever be. 

Copyright©2018.lifeateacher.wordpress.com. All Rights Reserved. 


  1. This was written so tenderly that my heart leapt with the overflowing love over one of the most pure kind of love in the world♥️ you are indeed gifted my friend, words magically string themselves together from your hands.


    1. I believe this is one emotion every mother feels when she sees her sleeping kids – immense love. All I can say is a big thankyou for your words. I must read your comments everytime I suffer writers’ block. XOXO


  2. Lovely Smitha, this strikes me as a magical, secret moment, the way you hint that they have a different presence asleep to the people they are when awake, and that special moment for you of watching over them.


    1. Oh that they are😊. They seem like angels when they’re asleep. Helps me fall in love with them all over again and forgive them the sins committed during the day😊. The night has a soothing effect.

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