best friends
“Is she your friend?”, they asked and I answered, “Yes.” “Is she the best?” they asked and I laughed and said, “Best! All my friends are good. I don’t have bests. Its rather silly, don’t you think?” That was five and twenty years ago.
Over the years, I’ve had really good friends and I have been fortunate to make new friends and for this I’m extremely grateful.

But through all these years, there’s one friend who stuck through, with whom I could say I was busy and hang up without feeling the need to explain or talk and talk and be heard with enthusiasm. A friend who made me laugh, who listened, who cared and supported and was critical in a way that didn’t hurt. A friend who took pride in every achievement of mine and cried when I failed. A friend who blurred the lines between family and friendship.

Having a best friend doesn’t mean that other friends are any less important. Its just having that one person who you know will always have time for you, who you can call at the middle of the night and with whom you don’t have to think twice before speaking. A friend who you know will go the extra mile for you and not expect anything in return but friendship.
If you have such a friend, thank God for them. For in a world, where people come and go, where relationships are based on benefits and so much is fake, a true friend is that breath of fresh air who can save you from being stifled to depression.
To all those who have a good friend, Congratulations!
To those who don’t, don’t fret. Remember to have a good friend, you need to be a good friend too. And that requires honesty, space, understanding, trust and commitment. Its not too late. You can be the one to extend a hand of friendship and build a friendship for its the best investment that you could make.
Though it’s not Friendship day today, if reading this poem has brought back memories of a friend with whom you have no fears of being judged or doubted or scaled, pick up the phone and call that friend today. I just did.
Dear Best Friend,
We were as ‘different’ as ‘different’ could be,
Something that all the world in us could see,
And yet when you were around, I was at ease,
And my worries, my troubles began to cease…

I had ‘posh’ friends and ‘class’ friends,
The ones with whom I followed the trends,
‘Neighbor’ friends and ‘office’ friends,
With whom I partied and ran the errands,
And then there was you- simple and kind,
With whom I could lay back and unwind…
Five and twenty years ago,
A journey began that over the years did grow,
Our dreams and fears we uninhibited shared,
Our deepest secrets and darkest truths we courageously bared,
We laughed, we cried,
Promised to be friends until we died…
Neither time nor distance did break apart,
This bond, fostered by the heart…
The seed of friendship that we’ve sown,
Over years of tender care, fruit has borne,
Its roots deep, lies unshaken, ‘midst tempests and storms,
Breaking man-made conventions and rigid social norms…
No frills, no masks, no fear of losing a friend so dear,
No judgement, no censure, no need to be near, 
Doesn’t matter if ‘morrow I’m someone, anyone or no one,
I know I have you; you’ll always be the one-
Who’ll be there for me, with whom I can be me,
Just like best friends are meant to be.
And I want you to know,
I’ll be there for you, no matter where I go…
Your friend
Copyright© 2018. All Rights Reserved.
Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

20 replies on “Prompt : Best Friend -With You I Can Be Me

  1. Great post! Growing up I never understood the term of ‘best’ friend. But indeed we all need a friend to lean on, a true friend especially, the one you can be honest with and know that being yourself is allowed and appreciated. 🙂


    1. My daughter is so like you. She says everybody is her friend and there’s nothing like ‘best.’ I suppose she too will understand over time the need for one or few people who can understand. Btw what’s your name?😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, as we grow we truly understand and define friendship, most of the time through experience.

        I tell my daughter, when it comes to friendships – whose shy and reserved like myself, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

        Yes, I’m Ana 🙂


  2. Your best friend deserves a best friend like you who acknowledges her friends genuineness and purity of feelings ♥️ The poem♥️ such a friend is very hard to find and much difficult to stay without!


    1. Absolutely Vags. Everybody needs a friend with whom you can share and does not judge and who gives you space. Yet one must learn to live without that friend all the time knowing that when you do get together, you can begin exactly where you left off; no questions asked. Thank you for considering me deserving. Hugs and love to you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Very true Smitha, we do need space at times. Especially as you grow older, have your own families and your own children. A friend that will understand all that and still not make you feel guilty for the absence.


        1. Absolutely…I think we writers need more space than others anyways.😊 I remember a time when I had friends who needed answers to why I couldn’t come, where I was etc. Thankfully, have come to a stage now where I have kept the friends who simply understand. It takes time I guess to filter out the best. Thanks for sharing your experience here😊

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes, you really do need time to assess who are those that are worth staying in your life. The ones that don’t cause you heartache each time you choose your family over them. It’s a balancing act but at the end, most often than not, your family will come first, a true friend should be willing to accept and understand that.


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