Prompt Gloom : When will the End Come

Prompt Gloom : When will the End Come

The below poem won the first prize from WHPA (World Harmony and Peace Association)  on the topic “Gloom”. Rules were to write a 12-16 line poem.

Walls – that once in the heart of the city stood,
Crumbled- stone and gravel, pack of cards, dead wood,
Rooms that once held the tinkling notes of joyous laughter,
Choked – silence echoed loud, a stillness; no more the pitter-patter…

Shh h… Listen hard, an incessant hum, a moaning sound,
A stifled wail, a gasp, a caged cry; from the parched mound,
Her knees bent, fingers entwined toes, her eyes green;
A deep chasm in those glassy grays; a screeching void seen…

The rosewood table, hummus and kubus served; on the roof- A Crash!
Rivulets black, trickled down the bloody gash,
They rolled, for her; not for them that had been slain,
In a wink had gone, for them, there had been no pain…

Her mother still smiled from the dust, her father bore a frown,
Her brother Ahmed, still wore his yellow birthday crown…
Alone! in the city of doom,
She stood, shivering; blanketed by crippling gloom…

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15 responses to “Prompt Gloom : When will the End Come”

  1. This broke my heart, you did full justice to wretchedness of the spine chilling and heartbreaking reality of the present times. There seems to be no solution to them, that’s the most frightening part. You can only ask, when will it end?

    • Thank you Vags. Even writing the poem, gave me shivers. The sad bit is its somebody’s life and they’re living it everyday.

  2. PS, I notice that your Facebook share button is gone. Is that intentional?

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