Won the Certificate of Outstanding Performance for the poem below from Asian Literary Society.

Sometimes you hope to win, sometimes you just know you just must. At the cost of appearing arrogant which is not the message I’d like you to get and is not the case, the truth is I enjoyed writing this poem and loved it every-time I read it just like a dewdrop that amazes me every-time I see it.

This poem took its birth in a crystalline drop of nature and lies glimmering in that same drop. I truly hope you enjoy reading the poem. Would love to hear your comments.


What’s that, that daintily shimmers, in the sun-

I see it glistening on my daily morning run,

Bedecks every blade of grass and sparkles on the lamina,

Ethereal, pure, exquisite as my pashmina…

What’s that, that makes delicate silken strands of cobwebs gleam-

Pearl beads on a gossamer veil; a young bride’s dream,

Crystallized vapors on flowers, ferns and fronds,

Hanging fairy lights, turned on at dusk and dawn…

What’s that, that twinkles o’er petals and boughs-

Railings and bridges…now its here, now it goes,

Diamonds on a velvety gown, starry sequins; a seraphic sight,

Sprig of baby’s breath in a bouquet of roses white…

It isn’t, remnants of a drizzly night- a trifling raindrop,

Or woes of the earth I sight- a melancholic teardrop,

Its the warm wind’s kiss as it over-head blows,

A mystical, iridescent dewdrop it leaves, that refracts and glows…

Copyright©lifeateacher.wordpress.com. All Rights Reserved.

Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

18 replies on “Dewdrop- The Love of the Wind

  1. Words are mined like the diamond and it is made into a costly jewelry ( this poem). The words are picturesque. I loved reading this again and again. You have described the dewdrop in a charming way.


    1. Thank you dear Neha. Your comment is a writer’s delight. I’m so happy the poem makes you want to come back to it. Thank you again for visiting the site⚘


  2. I do love it when I read something I’ve written and have that confidence in it! You ought to have confidence in this Smitha, it’s beautiful – lovely natural images and it’s lovely the way you then link that to other images and what seem like memories – the ‘starry sequins’, the ‘sprig of baby’s breath’.


    1. Thank you so much Andrea. I love the way you write and this message from you means the world to me. Every image written is exactly like you said, things that I have always found beautiful and are stored in memory. XOXO

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