Joker- Do You Know One?

Joker- Do You Know One?

The prompt Joker was given by Asian Literary Society. The first thought that came to my mind was obviously, a man with make-up and smiling no matter what. Strangely, isn’t that what all of us do these days – don make-up and smile, no matter what.


The curtains are drawn, the crowds are cheering,
The lights are on, and he, center-stage is standing,
A big, big smile on his face he’s wearing,
All eyes on him, are watching…

His eye lids painted white, appear bright
His brows, a big arch, blackened, to highlight-
His lips deep red, an upward curve, shine bright
And a blob for a nose; he looks fun and light…

He juggles and flips, from his fort on the ground
And makes all laugh, prancing and clowning around,
Wherever he is, smiling he’s found,
Entertaining the crowd, a symbol of joy abound…

He’s called the joker, a facade he perpetually wears,
And safely hides, the pain and sorrow he bears,
For he knows those looks, those strangers’ stares,
And that, nobody coming to the circus really cares…

He dons a mask for pennies few,
But he isn’t the only one, there’s me and you,
Minus the blob for a nose and the green wig new,
In the circus of life, aren’t we all jokers too?

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14 responses to “Joker- Do You Know One?”

    • Thank you Andrea. Honestly, one line led to another and as I described a joker, I felt like I was describing the human race…😊 with our addiction to selfies and uploading images of ourselves

  1. A most interesting thought, Smitha. In many ways you are right about how we all don our paint and smiles. I, personally, have learned that this does not work for me. I now let people know when something is not working for me. It is much more productive but it takes courage.

    • I guess being able to tell people something is not working, comes with age and being comfortable in your skin. Not everybody can do it. In fact most people can’t. Fortunately I too have reached your current state. But yes, its too exhausting to play the ‘joker.’

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