I have been busy over the last one month with family. And my writing had taken a back-seat. I’m not complaining because family is a blessing. Yet, writing to me is now akin to breathing and when I haven’t penned down my thoughts, there is a void within me that can only be filled by being away from the world, in my own little world, typing away. Does that make me an author or a poet? I don’t know. A recluse or a hardened introvert maybe. But during this one month, when the prompt ‘Spirituality’ was given, I just had to write. Its one of those topics that I have a strong opinion on. I’m not generally highly opinionated. I’m kind of accepting of most things and believe in listening to both sides. But when it comes to religion, I find it strange that people believe so strongly in a particular religion or a particular God that it makes them unaccepting of other faiths, so much so that their faith makes them intolerant and violent. Isn’t peace and love what every faith preaches? Then how does it matter whether what one follows?


We lay awake on the bed, giggling and chatting,

Of college days, girls’ hostel, love, the families fighting,

And then she started crying, her tears flowed slowly,

“I committed a sin. I wish my children were Christian.”

“But you have a wonderful marriage. It was your decision,”

Said I, startled by the sudden confession,

And saddened by my dearest friend’s heart-breaking revelation…

Does it really matter?

Whether one visits the temple or the Sunday school Chapter,

Sings God’s praises as an English hymn or a Sanskrit bhajan,

Studies the Gita, the Adi Granth, the Bible or the Quran,

And continues to deceive, steal, oppress and slaughter?

Then does it really matter?

When every man is up in arms, in the name of God,

And not ashamed to hurt or kill and then praise the Lord

Then neither blind faith or worship enough to save our soul

But spirituality shall be a savior, for the world as a whole…

So teach the children to be honest, to not hurt another,

To not choose wrong over right to go any further,

And that one God exists and He resides within,

And that lying, cheating, hurting is the only unforgivable sin!

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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

25 replies on “Spirituality: Religion-What Does it Mean to You?

    1. Thank you Shiela for your beautiful comment. I did read your post and wish to thank you for sharing the link. As you’ve said ” we are omniscience.” That’s all we need to remember as it bonds us. Thank you again for this learning😊

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  1. Spirituality is a science of application and training of senses for an individual journey of self-realization.spirituality in short is like an ocean of love where all rivers of different religions merge to have same level .

    giving same level to all is true humanity .

    love all
    ram H singhal


    1. Thank you Ram for sharing what spirituality means to you and thank you for visiting the blog. Like you said it is ‘where all different religions merge into one’ .


  2. Yes, Smitha, you are right, it doesn’t make sense to stand for love and peace and then to fight over the man-made details. That is why I am spiritual but not really religious. I am not a fan of the religious institutions created by man in God’s name. Very thought provoking.


    1. Thank you Robbie…I gathered from your writing and what I know of you generally that like me you would be spiritual. It’s good to know that I assumed rightly 😊


  3. Great thinking Smitha.Big thinking- It is not important in what we believe, it is important to believe.With faith we become better people,and that is the most important thing!


    1. Thank you Ben. Yes…faith should make us better people not worse and faith cannot be theoretical. It needs to be practised in the purest form to make the world a better place.


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