Second Chance – When its worth your life

Second Chance – When its worth your life
Many times in life we make mistakes that we then regret. Sometimes, these cost us more than we fathomed. The mistake could have been the result of a plain error of judgement or a moment of foolishness. Some are fortunate to get a second chance while others are not. If you’ve ever been blessed with that second chance, then you know how grateful you were for it. Do share your experience if you have.
And if you’re the one, who for any reason, has been on the receiving end and have given somebody a second chance and life has been the better for it, then do share that too. It would help all of us who have got hurt and are still contemplating on whether to give the person a second chance or not.  Think twice before deciding to let go and call it quits; whether its love, friendship or any other relationship that once meant a lot to you.
This is not a ‘Preach without Practice,’ blog post. 2 years ago, I felt betrayed by a very close friend of mine and I wrote I buried what we had . But at the end of two years, I let go of the hurt and held on to all that we once had because one mistake can’t cost you a life-time of friendship.
It’s a universal truth… not a blatant lie,
Nobody’s perfect, neither you nor I,
A second chance?
Its’ no big deal; if it ever made your heart dance…
You know what I mean,
If it’s where pure love’s, once been,
Then one mistake can’t really be that big,
That you just can, not dig…
C’mon, there’ll be too many fond memories,
Of the happy times and the sad; so many past stories,
That’ll blur the image of that one hurt,
And make you want to clean the dirt…
To restore what you once had,
For the good was so much better, than this one bad.
“Time heals all wounds,” they say
And it does, if not today, then surely, someday…

But you don’t need to wait that long,
And lose all that you have; just for one wrong…
So, close your eyes and listen to your heart,
And go ahead and make another start…
Life’s simply too short,
To let go of what you’ve got,
For, it’s easy to break,
But once, think…how many years, it took you to make?

Copyright@Smitha Vishwanath

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  1. During the final years of my teaching career, I was placed in a very difficult school. I couldn’t go back, but I was given a second chance at another school. There I taught for the final nine years of my teaching career. I will always be grateful for that second chance.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience here. I am so glad you got a second chance and it was rewarding. The children in your second school were fortunate to have you. 🌷

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