For all you readers and writers/poets out there, when do you write your best? Do you write better when you’re happy or do you write better when you’re sad? If the answer is “when you’re sad,” then next time you feel sad, just say “Thank you.” Create your epic novel or poetry or art and move on. Take control of your pain and do not let it control you. “If something is meant to happen, it will. There is no stopping it. But you can change the way you look at it or react to it.” Ever heard that before? Think of it.

Think of all the things you look back at and are proud of in life. The ‘Turning Points’. How much of it came out of pain? If the answer 70:30 (pain:no pain) or even 60:40, then you have your answer.

The next time you’re in pain, take it by the horn and direct it to lead you to the shore, to greener pastures. Don’t wallow in it because then it’ll come back and hit you again for you know what: Life is a teacher. The quicker you learn, the fewer lessons you’ll need.

Would love to hear your comments, even if you disagree.

Quote 4/2019


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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

12 replies on “Quote 4/2019 : Thank you Pain!

    1. Thank you Pooja for visiting the blog. Glad to see you here. There’s always a good reason behind everything, however hard it might be to believe at times.😊


  1. It’s a really interesting question Smitha. I think if I’m very low that’s when I’m more likely not to see the point of writing, so in that moment it’s not a good time to write. But then if you’re really joyful, that’s maybe not a good time to go inwards and write either. I think somewhere in between. When my mother was terminally ill I had so much of my head space filled that I couldn’t write, but after she died I had a creative renaissance, so I think perhaps it’s after the pain has passed that it fuels the creativity for me.


    1. You are so right Andrea. When we are in pain and it fills up our life, its difficult to write or do anything but after it has passed then the experience helps you to observe better, to write better. Like you said ‘somewhere in between’. So its ‘Me Too’ 🙂 for ‘after the pain’ Thank you for sharing your experience here.

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