Quote 6/2019 : Creativity


I am amazed at the beauty of language as I am amazed at creation itself. Alphabets are to chromosomes as words are to genes maybe. Different combinations, different permutations and you have a zillion different stories, poems, art, as you have people.

Do you agree? Have you ever felt in awe of creation and in the same light of literature, poetry and art? I have and I do…all the time.

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13 comments on “Quote 6/2019 : Creativity

  1. Hi Smitha, First I’d like to thank you for the kind remarks you made on my post “Troubled Times.” I’ve been so out of it with my blogging for the past few months so now I’m trying to get back into the blogging world. I hope to have a few posts soon!

    I liked this post very much. Your question is a good one. How do we feel about creativity? I’ve had some thoughts lately on that very subject. I’m currently in the revision stage of my first novel, and recently I was faced with a problem regarding how a scene should work. What I had just wasn’t right. I thought about it for several days and then while walking my dog Cody, early one morning, the answer came. It was simple. I think creativity is something that cannot be forced, cannot be “made” to happen. It comes of itself, naturally and always right. I like your quote because it speaks of that marvelous quality of creativity–that it simply happens. It’s a beauty that doesn’t try to be beautiful…it simply is.

    Very nice post, thank you! 🙂


    • Hi Paul! Welcome Back to WordPress. Its good to have you here. Provides us an opportunity to read your insightful posts. Thank you for the appreciation of my post and thank you for sharing your feelings on creativity and your experience with it. As you’ve said, ‘it simply happens.’ One must be blessed though to capture it when it happens. Congratulations on your novel. Looking forward to read your writing. I’ve just begun work on my first novel and seem to be stuck 🙂
      Again, thank you for your lovely comment.

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  2. Such an interesting analogy Smitha. The right choice of words enhances the beauty of one’s writing manifold. It goes on to stay with the reader for a long time, making a strong impression!!


    • Thank you Radhika. Yes, ‘the right choice of words’ makes all the difference and determines the impact it makes. It’s amazing right😊


  3. pockets of infinities we create in our literature. Yes Its truly amazing!


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