Quote 7/2019 : You are your Responsibility

Quote 7/2019 : You are your Responsibility

I had written this thought sometime last year but am sharing it here now. It is as relevant today as it was when I first wrote it.

As we are nearing the end of the first quarter of the year, its time to re-look at all that you’ve done versus all that you have wanted to do for yourself when you began the year. No point in reaching the end of the year and then wishing you had done more, right? I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching but even if I do, I am taking the liberty of saying it hoping it reaches someone out there who needs to hear it the most today.

‘You are your responsibility. So take good care of yourself.’

In the last one week that I was on holiday, I received news of two deaths. One, a member of my extended family and the other a friend’s friend. They were both young – one in his late forties and the other in her late fifties. Both good humans with a zest for life and with a number of dreams for the future. One had a known ailment which hadn’t in any way been an impairment in meeting responsibilities and living life. No one thought the ailment would kill this fast. The other had a family history, of death by cardiac arrest. Both father and grandfather had died in their fifties of the same reason. One hadn’t heeded the doctor’s advice and the other hadn’t ever felt the need to visit a doctor until then.

Destiny or failure to take precaution? I don’t know. While I pray for both their souls to rest in peace and pray for strength for both families, I realize that this is a wake-up call to all of us – old and young, men and women. Don’t wait for things to happen to take responsibility for yourself and for those around you.

Life is not in our control. But Living it, is!


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7 responses to “Quote 7/2019 : You are your Responsibility”

  1. Hey Smitha! So sorry to hear about your loss. Time and again, it is reiterated to us in some or the other way, that life is unpredictable but we tend to forget it all the time. We spend so much time being upset about things that are beyond our control that we forget to take care of ourselves and mood swings. Thanks for this gentle reminder. I needed to hear it today 🙂

    • Hey Vands! I am so glad this post helped you. Yes, we keep getting reminders but we dont pay heed and then it’s too late. Have a wonderful day Vands and keep smiling😊❤

  2. Everything is impermanent, constantly changing, not many get to live to old age … sorry for your losses. We can be certain death will come just uncertain when and how … be prepared!

    • True Kate. We tend to forget but death is the only truth. And whenever it comes, we will never be prepared. But we can live today and be grateful for today. Thank you for your comment. Always a pleasure to read it.

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