Its April and its NaPoWriMo time – 30 days, 30 poems. Its great to be back and to meet acquaintances made during the previous NaPoWriMo challenge and new ones too. Wishing all those who are taking part in the 30 day challenge, ‘All The Best!’

Today’s craft resource is to write poems that provide the reader with instructions on how to do something. It can be a sort of recipe, like O’Neil’s poem. Or you could try to play on the notorious unreliability of instructional manuals (if you’ve ever tried to put IKEA furniture together, you know what I mean). You could even write a dis-instruction poem, that tells the reader how not to do something. This well-known poem by John Ashbery may provide you with some additional inspiration.
My poem for the day:

I finally decided to share it-

To let you in

Post the never-ending glares

deepening frowns and eternal stares

From mom and dad

And as if that wasn’t bad

Grandma and grandpa too

And they asked, “How do you do what you do-

Sit all day long and do nothing?’

So here it is : this little secret of mine

8.00 a.m- still early

I lie down a bit

Candy canes, chocolate factories

Furry dogs, snow; Dong, Dong – it’s 9!


Beep! That’s a message

Fifty three on what’s app and nine on Twitter

Instagram has fifteen

And Facebook twenty!

Thumbs up, Hearts, Open mouths

Wait! Did they love my post?


Change it back to ‘like’ then

And reply with a humble thanks

Oh! Just a thanks won’t do

A hug, a kiss…how many has the sender put?

Seriously…with so much love

God must be His happiest self now

Yikes! Its 10 a.m.; some more beeps

But wait…what’s that on the ceiling?

Up, down, in, out- Wow! What intricate work!

How does it do what it does?’

Deftly it spins

The beauty! Painstakingly makes

‘Wonder Woman’ will be here soon

One stroke and it’ll be part of the rubble

Oh, The poor soul!

Dong, Dong, Dong- 11 already!

Have I told you the secret?

First, I need to send a message

Snap chat

Or I’ll miss my streaks

Woah! That was close-

Kites swooping

Big wings, strong, gliding

One flap, turn and now they soar

Hawked beak and that watchful eye-

A rat for brunch perhaps or is it a squirrel?

Knock, knock…Mom’s at the door

A frown, “What have you been doing? It’s 12!”

‘Nothing,’ I mutter, stumbling out of bed

“Doing Nothing? For so long?”

A frown, a glare

You’ll have to wait

For the secret-

The steps to the art

Of doing Nothing-

Or did you just learn it?

I dedicate this poem to my younger teen who has truly mastered this art.


Copyright© All Rights Reserved.


Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

23 replies on “NaPoWriMo Day 1: An Instruction Manual to do…umm…’Nothing’

      1. Well, I love the way you write…so if that’s the secret to your writing, then I’m going to let it be. Thank you Judy for sharing this. Gives me a lot of relief.


  1. Hahaha those people are masters indeed who master the art of art of not doing anything and yet keep themselves entertained. A good one Smitha.
    Also I am so excited abput this NapoWriMo.
    Ps: How have you been? Hope all’s well.


    1. Oh yes they are Moushmi 🙂 Its good to reconnect and good to know you’re taking part too! April flies past thanks to NaPoWriMo and the amazing prompts.
      I’ve been good…How about you?

      Liked by 1 person

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