And the painting’s done

And the painting’s done

Remember the painting I started on Tuesday, the one I was supposed to gift yesterday? The one I wrote about in my post, Home Alone  . Well, it was done by Thursday midnight (took me around 28 hours to do this), given for framing on Friday, collected on Saturday afternoon, packed and handed over on Saturday night.

So, here it is for all of you’ll who have been waiting to see it



And this is as it lies in their home…received a message this morning that they loved waking up to it.



The picture was originally done by Leoinid Afremov. Let me know what you’ll think.

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16 responses to “And the painting’s done”

    • Thank you so much Andrea. It means a lot especially since it’s coming from someone who probably sees a scene like this every winter. I just hoped there were no factual errors that I wasn’t seeing😊❤

  1. What scene can be more beautiful than a carpet of white ice and snow spread out all around the World, shining in all directions comprehensible by the human eye?
    And equally beautiful is your style of painting, which captures the scene realistically.. 😊😊
    Lovely painting, as usual, Madam..!! Your writing and ability to paint are a class apart..!!
    btw, this seems to belong to the Taiga forests of the Karelia region of Russia. Maybe, check that out yourself during winters.. 😊

    • Yes, that’s what I thought after seeing your post on Russia. It must resemble it. Thank you for your appreciation of the painting. It’s very generous.

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