When I read this prompt, I closed my eyes to think of what kindness meant to me. I thought of all the people I had met and I had taken an instant liking to without knowing them or the people I knew and I felt immensely comfortable with, and they all had  similar features because of a common trait – ‘Kindness.’

Let me know once you read this poem, if you feel the same.


kind soul2

I spotted the one right away
In the midst of a crowd
Amidst the busy traffic and the noise;
Wasn’t a spark, but an amicable twinkle-
Rays from which did gently crinkle
Wasn’t the perfectly chiseled nose
Or the chin or the eyes like a doe’s
Was the visage…mellow, radiant and cheerful
And the lips that curved up, sweet and thoughtful.
A unique beauty par comparison
Needs no embellishment or introduction
A perfumed rose in a bouquet of flowers
A lighthouse amongst tall, sturdy towers                                                                                        Makes its mark without a shout                                                                                                A precious virtue, never to flout
A glowing star, in a veil of darkness
Standing calm, unruffled
Making allowance for all, remains unperturbed.

A kind soul shone

In a tender touch
A calming voice
And something in the eyes                                                                                                                    that screams, love for all beings                                                                                                          For life, and all the others things                                                                                                    that make it.                                                                                                                                     




Is that who you are – ‘A kind soul?’

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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

22 replies on “A Kind Soul

      1. Welcome dear Smitha and I am feeling so happy by these wonderful comments from you. Have you seen my posts recently where I have promoted my poetry book. Would like to have your great comments, Smitha.


          1. Thanks so much dear Smitha and if you have Amazon Kindle with you on your phone you can download my book. The book was possible only because of love and encouragement from all you blogger friends.


          2. Thanks so much Smitha for your kindness and yes you are right. My son has posted even on facebook from where I got great reviews for my book and I am going to publish the book where my son will put the reviews of people who have said such beautiful words about me and my book. Already our two blogger friends have written great reviews on Amazon. Smitha don’t go on my link you just open from your Kindle Edition and type Poet’s Touch.


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