Mamma, stay strong

I wrote this poem on a one of those ‘bad mamma’ days. I did not publish it then. Today, as I read it, I  think of the nation- Does Mother India feel this way too – with everything that’s happening now?

There are days that feel terribly wrong

I wander, a lonely soul in the throng

My peace and sanity plundered – misunderstood

Stranded, discarded like dead wood.


At times such as these, I float like a cloud –

To watch over, I’ve vowed –

to take the madness in

And to keep my calm, in the din.


Doubts rise high – will these waves serve their purpose?

My patience has run its course

Is it worth the pain, the sacrifice-

Or are these- sweet, white lies?


Slippery tongues do havoc wreak

My confidence – I hear it creak;

Lashing out fierce whips

So sharp – my heartbeat skips.


Melancholic, I wonder, ‘Where did I go wrong?’

A voice within says, ‘Now’s the time to be strong-‘

‘They’re breaking through hard ground

Don’t you, get yourself wound.’


‘Let your love endlessly pour

And show them you still have loads in store-

To help strengthen their wings

And to deflect their barbs and stings


For you are the cloud  that stashes,

away the tears and washes –

away the dirt

and quenches the thirst.


So Mamma, oh Mamma, stay strong

And know your teaching shan’t go wrong.’



Copyright© All Rights Reserved.



  1. Lovely thoughts Smitha, articulated with the right emotions but may I say who cares? History tells us that people have to rise to the occasion to save the honor, get slain and offer more. Mother India has seen a lot and has always emerged stronger.
    Please read this poem by Carl Sandburg:

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    1. Thank you so much. So glad you liked it. It’s really sad what’s happening. In the current age and awareness around us, I hadn’t thought such a thing could happen but it is. Yes, Mother India will survive and come out stronger but it’s such a waste of time and resources – all these unnecessary changes in the Constitution.

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