I wrote this poem on one of those ‘bad mamma’ days when my girls had both entered the ‘rebel teens’ stage. If you have children but have not experienced that stage or have managed to cross through it without being bogged down, then you’re indeed fortunate. It is strange how my own troubles helped me to think of the country. I wonder if the country, who we lovingly refer to as ‘Mother India’ feels the same at this moment.

There are days that feel terribly wrong
I wander aimlessly, a lonely soul in the throng
My peace and sanity plundered 
I grieve the demise of being understood.

At times such as these, I float over, like a cloud -
To keep my vigil, I've vowed,
To maintain my calm, in the din
And to not let the madness in

I remind myself my purpose
I must not steer away from the course
I wonder if it's worth the pain, the sacrifice-
Doubts rise like vapor - are these mere words, sweet lies?

My confidence - I hear it creak
when slippery tongues havoc wreak
lashing out like fierce whips
So sharp - my heartbeat skips.

Melancholy fills my heart, 'Where did I go wrong?'
A quiet voice within me says, 'Now's the time to be strong-'
'They're breaking through hard ground
Don't you, get yourself wound.

Let your love endlessly pour
And show them you still have loads in store-
to help, strengthen their wings
And to deflect their barbs and stings

For you are the cloud that stashes,
away the tears, and washes -
away the muck and the dirt
You are the only one who can quench their thirst.

So Mamma, oh Mamma, stay strong
And have faith - your teaching shan't go wrong.'
It'll not be long
before they find their way home; so,Mamma stay strong


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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

11 replies on “Mamma, stay strong

  1. Lovely thoughts Smitha, articulated with the right emotions but may I say who cares? History tells us that people have to rise to the occasion to save the honor, get slain and offer more. Mother India has seen a lot and has always emerged stronger.
    Please read this poem by Carl Sandburg:

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    1. Thank you so much. So glad you liked it. It’s really sad what’s happening. In the current age and awareness around us, I hadn’t thought such a thing could happen but it is. Yes, Mother India will survive and come out stronger but it’s such a waste of time and resources – all these unnecessary changes in the Constitution.

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