Don’t tell me you’ve never fallen

Or ever felt broken?

Haven’t we all, at some time?

Some a wee bit; others’ a wee bit more.

The cracks – they’re there

We hide them, as best we can.


You know you can bear them, before me; with neither fear nor shame

For the tools and the hand that made us, are one and the same

And we were left to bake, in the heat of one sun.

So let’s trace our fingers along those cracks;

Memories we’ll call them; dark tunnels,

Deep, deep caves.


We won’t go too far, so we don’t get lost;

We’ll look for that ray, for a beam

That streams in

The one that bathes the tunnel

The one that warms the cave

We’ll come out stronger; you’ll see


Our cracks – they’ll be our guiding stars

Reminders, that we lived,

we tried

we fell

We did not break-

But, we rose.


Copyright© All Rights Reserved.

Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

18 replies on “Cracks

    1. Thank you Anne so much for your kind words. It’s a blessing to meet you through this platform. You’re absolutely right- we would never learn compassion without hurdles and troubles.


  1. Well said. I was once asked by a psychologist if my car was scratched would I throw it away? I answered no, of course not. She went on to say — I was that car. I was scratched but not ready for any scrapheap. Call them cracks or scratches, our weaknesses can be overcome.

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    1. Thank you dear Robbie for reading and sharing it. Yes I am well…just so tied up with both the girls giving their boards in Feb and May. Have to catch up on reading wordpress. Hope all is well at your end. Have to catch up on your posts.

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  2. Our natural instinct is to cement a crack or plug a hole before it widens and overwhelms us. Imperfection is what defines us as an individual. The scars we carry remind us and maybe they are our ‘guiding stars’. We do not need to hide the cracks, they will heal and the scar will keep our memories intact.

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    1. Yes, I suppose it is – a means of survival to plug the cracks. Those that hide them are the ones who find it most difficult to heal. If only we understood and accepted them as learning, it would make life less painful. Thank you for reading and sharing how you feel about ‘cracks.’


    1. Thank you for so much for sharing it here. Its inspiring to know people like you who’ve emerged stronger and go on to become a beacon of light for many others through your verses. Hope you had a lovely New Year! ❤

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  3. Very nice. I’m a believer in imperfection of all sorts. Human frailty is a given. I use imperfection (distressed looks) in decorating. No such thing as perfection and flaws should be celebrated as battle scars and more.

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    1. Thank you so much Lynn for writing back and sharing how you feel about ‘imperfections.’ I like how you’ve related it to decorating your house. Its so true. Distressed looks have so much more character.


          1. Hi Smitha–Thank you so much for thinking of me! Is there a time limit to respond to this? My son with Downs has a bladder infection and we are off to clinics and people coming for dinner as well! Busy week. I know I can’t get to this for a while and I’m not really great at technology, either. I’ll think about participating. 🙂

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          2. Hi Lynn…that’s perfectly fine. There’s no time limit. You can participate when you have the time. And well, coming to Technology, it’s one mountain that I’m still trying to climb. So join the club🙂. And I do hope your son gets better soon. Take care. XXX


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