I haven’t been active on wordpress lately. My brain has been clogged with far too many things. So what does a blogger do when s/he faces writer’s block if such a thing exists? The writer reads and then writes about what they have read. I picked up this book on kindle sometime ago but managed to read it only now because I’m not much of a kindle reader. I like holding books in my hand and feeling the pages. I know I must change this in the interest of the planet. And what better way to begin with this book which talks about the love for people and the love for nature and love for oneself in the same breath, especially since the author/ poet herself had told me when I decided to write review 3 months ago, ‘ the author has finally arrived.’ It’s a sentence I derive great strength from. That’s what Balroop Singh’s poems are all about – they are real and they encourage – they appreciate and they give strength.

‘Moments we love,’ is a book written by Balroop Singh. I had read the blurb of another book by the same poet, two years’ ago which became my inspiration to write a book. So, in a way, I must thank Balroop Singh for sowing the seed in me to publish my book of poetry.

Like the name suggests, ‘Moments we love,’ is a book that captures moments in life where the beautiful feeling of love exists. The book is divided into three sections – Moments of love, Moments of Harmony and Moments that make Life. Before each section is a beautiful personal quote – not more than three lines that sets the tone of the section. The poems follow the free-verse style and are not punctuated making the reading easy. There is a tenderness in each poem which reflects the poet’s nature. Even when she is angry about love being bitter, the feelings change but the tone is still gentle and sounds more like a learning. There is an absence of hatred but the presence of an inner strength. The cover of the book sets the tone of the book

Moments we love

If love was a three-dimension object, the poet has covered every side, every angle and every surface – the feeling of first love, the yearning, the doubts that one has when one is in love, the rift (there is a poem by the same name), the memories are some of the themes under the first section – Moments we love.

Love entered from the back door

Sat by her side and smiled

She couldn’t recognize the stranger

So she asked: “Who are you?”

“You knew me at birth

You stretched your arms

For me, you cried

When I didn’t embrace you

From the poem, ‘Who are you?” I enjoyed each verse which showed that love is not something that we learn the moment we grow up but something that’s within us from the moment we breathe. I loved every line and I had a hard time exercising restraint – so I do not post it here.

There is a softness in the poem, ‘Magic of love,’ th

The feather we found on the ledge

Is as precious as you

Its color matches your blue eyes

Anyone who has ever been in love will be able to relate to the poem ‘Love lingers’ and ‘First love.’ The feelings expressed in both the poems are beautifully accurate.

The poet writes with complete honesty- showing us that like everything, love has a dark side too. In the poem ‘Conniver!’ it is the ugly side that is described and feels eerie and stifling :

Can I ever forget?

Or dismiss the moment?

When you turned against me

When love lost its sheen

Your fiery face haunts me

The promises seem empty

I yearn to discern

The spells you could churn

The short, simple structure of the sentences hit home. And while I’d like to write verses from more poems, I will restrain myself.

Section 2 – Moments of harmony has poems on nature showing her love and appreciation of it. The poems are resplendent with imagery. The poem ‘Redwoods,’ appealed to me as I too have written a poem on these magnificent trees based on a picture my sister sent me.The poem ends with the line, ‘You can never have enough of this delight.’ I agree.

In the poem ‘Magical Fall,’ the poet gives credit to Nature – ‘Nature nurtures my muse.’ The muse is personified in the poem.

She treads on emerald rocks

To admire crimson leaves

She swings on bare branches

Her words swirl around with ease

I could imagine the muse traipsing and swinging in a forest full of fallen crimson leaves.

‘Rooted by love,’ is another poem where love is compared to nature, thereby explaining what it means to be strongly in love –

Love is not just growing together

It is weathering storms

Smiling through gales

Reaching out to each other

Making memories

The poem ‘Spring Melodies,’ sounds like a healing prayer.

There is pain in the poem, ‘Mother Earth,’ which pricks the heart and reminds you of her pain.

Frozen in time

With amorphia of ages

I sat waiting for love

It did come at last!

They came in hordes

With shovels and hoes

To dig around me

And create a cover

In Section 3 – Moments of Life, the poems are about wishes and dreams – some lost, some lived and some regained.

The will to get up after falling in ‘Fortitude,’ is sure to help anyone who is going through the same pain derive courage –

Even if I crawl on four

Even if it hurts encore

I must try once more

And refuse to live a life I abhor

‘New Beginnings,’ creates a social awareness of those deprived of comforts

Hope could have propelled them

But a fire within was stronger

Stark realities around them

Death stared in empty eyes

In the poem, ‘Don’t Dwell On it! Really?’ the poet fights back against the line, ‘Don’t dwell on it!’ It tells the reader not to be so accepting and complacent- some things demand fighting back.

If people had not dwelled

On atrocities heaped upon them

If they had not risen against

Discrimination and prejudices

There are several more poems, verses, lines that I like but writing them here would not be fair to the poet. This is just a teaser and I hope it makes you want to buy the book. There is a equal mix of romanticism and rebelliousness in the poems. The poems are a light read and can be read by non-poets as well. The book is available on kindle and can be bought using the below link. In India it costs Rs. 208.00. Its free if you have Kindle Unlimited Membership.

Moments we love

Book Blurb

Moments of fragrant love that stand frozen in time, of dreams that dare not unfold, of passion that fleets by, of erratic joy that we meet at the crossroads of life; butterflies of time that add color to our dark moments to scare the demons away – I have gathered all of them in this book. Some of them whisper softly to create a magical aura while spring of life sings with them, trying to wipe silent tears. Mother Nature steps in with all her grandeur to breath quiet messages of tranquility.

Each poem would soothe your emotions with élan and add a dash of color to your life. Life – that doesn’t halt for your sad moments; it just floats by. You just need to dive in to soak in myriads of moments to discover how they could ignite positive tones. All the poems in this collection are imaginary but inspired from people around me, some of whom chose to share their frustrations and tremors with me. My imaginative muse transformed them into poetry.

Memories and moments merge here
Today when I return to share
The glow of rainbows,
Embers of emotional entreaties
And smoldering debris.

To know more about the poet/author, you can click on the link Balroop Singh . Don’t forget to check out other books on poetry and inspiration written by the author.

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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

42 replies on “Book Review 3 : Moments we love by Balroop Singh

  1. Balroop, I have been introduced to poetry again following your blog. And Smitha, a huge Wow, on the words you use to describe Balroop’s poems. I now begin to understand why I am drawn to Balroop’s writing. Her words engage the reader and we participate in her story. I have tears brimming reading the examples you chose from the book. In my simple words, ‘they hit home.’

    Smitha, I am a little puzzled on your initial sentences about writer’s block. You have written a wonderful in-depth review exploring and sharing Balroop’s multi-layered wisdom and words. Thank you!

    Balroop, thank you for enriching my evening and my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Erica for your kind words. Its very encouraging. Well, I was going through a ‘low’ in my writing and I decided to break it with this poetry book. And it worked 🙂 I’ve started writing again. So, I guess the book was my lucky charm or it talked to me like a book should. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the samples shared. Well, your comment made my weekend only better. Thank you again!

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  2. Wow! Smitha, a superlative review of Balroop’s book. I love how you capture its inner core and essence – the excerpts are beautiful and powerful. The poems sound amazing, which I am not all surprised reading Balroop’s work for many years on her blog. They are profound, incisive and insightful – I love how they give the reader strength, courage and wisdom.

    Balroop, congratulations on this wonderful review! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Annika! That’s such a lovely compliment. Yes, the poems are full of wisdom and tell of the truth in a way that resonates with the reader. Thank you again for reading the review and writing back.🙂. It means a lot.

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    2. Many thanks for coming over to read this review Annika. Smitha’s insights are spot on and she is so kind with her words, as very few reviewers put so much of effort in sharing their interpretations. Thanks dear friend, love your support.

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  3. Counting your book reviews. You have now become a very comprehensive and sensitive reviewer. I shall get the book and review it also. Congrats and best wishes to the author.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh really!🙂. That’s wonderful. The book is soothing and has some very beautiful verses. Definitely a book to keep. Thank you so much Margie for reading it review and letting me know the review matches the other bloggers.❤

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  4. Wow! Wow! My first thought after reading your reflections about my poetry Smitha.
    The way you have gone deep into each poem, feeling the emotion, and then sharing what you felt, recognizing the universal appeal of those those feelings took my heart away! It is dancing with the clouds, ready to burst open! I marvel at your in-depth reading and analysis, as very few readers care to delve deeper into the imagery and even if they do, they lack the words to share the emotions. The poet in you is looking at me through your choice of words Smitha. I don’t think any review could match yours! I am at the sea, searching for words to express my gratitude. So I fall back on the oft-repeated words: Many thanks Smith and a big hug. I had written this acrostic poem on Gratitude: Happy reading!

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    1. Reading your comment has put me on top of the world❤. I hoped I had done justice to such beautiful writing. It took me a while getting used to kindle 🙂 which was my greatest handicap and the reason for delaying this post. Thank you again for your appreciation of the review 🙏. It means so much to me that the poet in you feels its apt. Will add a review on Goodreads today. Loved the poem Gratitude and more than that the ‘big hug.’ Was my pleasure reading your book. ❤🙏

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      1. When these digital devices were making their way into our lives, I had expressed similar fears and loved to hold my books Smitha. My nephew who was a teenager at that time told me that if I don’t make an effort to accept them, I would be like an illiterate, sitting outside a post office, asking someone to write a letter for me. I am glad I took the advice of generation next. His analogy still rings in my ears. 😊Now Kindle and Mac are my lifelines.
        I’ll reblog your review in two days. Thanks. 🤗

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        1. Ha ha..yes. That’s what my daughter tells me too but it’s your book that pushed me to take a step towards it. 🙂. I have shared the review on Fb too and tagged you.
          Wishing you a lovely weekend!💕

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