Lockdown Diaries : Acrylic Painting on canvas

Lockdown Diaries : Acrylic Painting on canvas

As the lockdown continues my brain’s gone in lockdown mode too. As words play hooky with me, I’m keeping it engaged with art.  The splash of colors comes as a relief from the daily news on TV- ‘Corona cases on the rise in the United States, India, Brazil, Russia,’ ‘Second wave in China’ and it goes on. I hope the lure of art continues through this period and long after and more than anything I hope we can all go back to normal. Normal as in walking without wearing masks and breathing without fear, sitting at restaurants and sipping on our coffees without worrying about sanitizers and the man who served us coffee or the seat we are sitting on or the cup we sip from, talking, shaking hands, passing by each other without being paranoid.

While we courageously carry on, each in our own way, here’s the painting I completed on the day of the Amphan cyclone – June 3rd. Amphan was Mumbai’s first cyclone. We geared up for it by clearing our balconies, filling water in buckets and charging our phones and torches in case there was a power cut which was highly unlikely as Mumbai has underground cables yet nothing seems unlikely these days. Thankfully it passed us by without much damage.


Based on a painting on Pinterest by Kha Trung (touchofcolorr.blogspot.com)

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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28 responses to “Lockdown Diaries : Acrylic Painting on canvas”

  1. I love this painting, Smitha. There is a peacefulness and calmness invoked by the flowers in the basket and the book in the girl’s hands. As if they are going to sit by a steam somewhere and read, chat and make flower chains.

  2. Simply amazing, Madam..!! Love the paintings you make, as usual.. 😊😊
    Pardon my lack of imagination, but I don’t know what this painting signifies. In my opinion, there are two ladies walking in the rain and one of them may be about to step on the puddle of water. Maybe you will be able to explain the inner meaning and the message you want to convey.. 😊😊
    You capture the details beautifully though, every single time.. 😊😊
    Thank you Madam for sharing.. 😊😊

    Now coming to news, I have quit watching news months ago.. The information I get through Social Media like FB is OK.. And yes, I do filter out the news even there too. Had uninstalled news apps from my phone since February 2020.. It’s not to escape reality, after all, who can ever escape reality. It’s just to find peace. Peace and Calmness, after all, are a part of the reality we live in, which people tend to ignore.

    If you want to calm yourself a bit and “cool your mind off”, I invite you to have some “ice-cream” if you like having them. Hope it achieves the desired effect.. Your expert opinions are always appreciated.. 😊😊


    • Hello Abirbhav…its been a long time.
      If you read Robbie’s comment on the painting, you’ll know what it signifies :). It may mean just what you said to some people. To me, it means peace, tranquility and the joy of simple pleasures which you have achieved by staying away from the news.
      Thank you for sharing your post. It makes it so much more easier 🙂

      • Thank you Madam for mentioning Ms. Robbie’s comment.. I read it just now, and it sums up the message intended to be conveyed.. 😊😊 Painting is a great way to keep one occupied.. 😊😊 Would love to see the next painting you make.. 😊😊
        Hope you accept my invitation for “cooling off” through some “ice-cream”.. 😊😊

  3. Let me say that your brain has never been under lockdown. In fact it has opened up more. I love the background of the river flowing and the mist. It has come out very well.

    • Thank you for being so supportive. It just feels like I have done nothing when I do not write and especially when I do not even feel the inclination to do so.
      Coming from an artist and a keen observer, the appreciation means a lot. Thank you! 🙂

    • Thanks Kayla. Its good to hear from you and know you’re doing well too. We are still under lock down but its relaxed a bit now.

        • True Kayla. I had written a post on that – we’re literally between the devil and the deep sea. Lockdown isn’t the answer and yet nobody has a fix.

        • No, and I honestly wonder if there is a fix. I know we all want to just do something and have it all better, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Sometimes we have to go with the least bad of all the decisions.

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