Where have the poems gone?

Where have the poems gone?

I wonder

If I exhaled them

Or washed them down the drain

For they’ve gone missing

Like my spectacles and now

I can find them nowhere.

I replaced them – my spectacles

I bought new ones in place of the old

But the poems, alas; I can’t do the same

I wonder

If there’s a number I could call on

Like a ‘Lost and found.’ I used it once to

Get back the book my sister gifted me; the one I’d

left on the flight from Hong Kong

or at-least if there was a locator tag

Like the one I use to find my phone

When its misplaced. I rack my brains

But its of little consequence

I wonder

If the poems made their way

Into the trash-

I left it out last night

And in the morning

The garbage truck picked it up

to be dumped into a landfill

And soon it’ll be buried under piles of waste

before being incinerated.

So while the words

Are no longer there

to string into verses

I use my brushes

and paint

Adding a dash of red

in a world of grey

And hope

the pictures read as poetry

I did this painting based on a picture on Pinterest

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24 responses to “Where have the poems gone?”

    • Thank you so much Cathy for visiting. It helped me reach your blog and it was what I need to recharge my batteries. Just your ‘About’ page left me with the energy that I’ve been looking for the last few days. Looking forward to taking part in your challenges and reading your posts. I do hope my writing makes you happy too like yours did to me 🙂

      • Thanks to you for coming by and visiting, Smitha. I’m glad my post energized you. I need some energizing myself! I look forward to reading more of your writing. 🙂

    • Its always good to hear from you. Thank you for your warm words of encouragement. I’m trying hard to keep the poetry alive. 💛

  1. I also can’t write poetry at the moment, Smitha. It is as if I have poetry writer’s block. I can write stories and I’ve finished my book, but no poetry. I do love this picture. it is my favourite one to date.

    • And I thought poetry was easy. There was a time it just came…I guess the lockdown has affected us then. Its not obvious on the surface. Its good to know that you’re able to write stories atleast. What is the new book about? If its not horror, I’d love to read it🙂.
      Thank you Robbie for the appreciation of the painting. Its what is keeping me going while words play truant. XX

      • Hi Smitha, I don’t write horror, I write supernatural fantasy with a big historical focus. My new book is all about the Second Anglo Boer war or South African war but it does have ghosts in it. Not horror though, it is supernatural fantasy. I am not wicked or violent enough to fall under horror.

    • Thank you so much Lynn…I suppose its the impact of the lockdown. I’m trying hard to not let go of them. I hope the words come back to you and all of us who are feeling the unseen pressure. Thank you for sharing your experience. It feels good to know I’m not alone. XXX

  2. What a beautiful poem, Smitha, and I love your art! Your blog is delightful and thank you for following Eugi’s Causerie I.

  3. This is great. Makes me think about how badly I have wanted to write children’s poetry but there is no market for it. What happened to fun poetry for kids?

    • Thank you! Oh yes the kids poems like ‘Sick’ by Silverstein. I enjoyed reading it. I’ve tried my hand at a few fun poems and I’ve totally enjoyed writing them. Thanks for so much for visiting and writing back🙂

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