A butterfly’s kiss

A butterfly’s kiss

A butterfly flitted by my face today

Black or perhaps it was blue

Speckled – white circles on its wings

I moved away

Unsure of what flew

So close to me, it had made me blink

How long had I waited

for it- to feel like a flower

hallowed by a butterfly’s kiss

Disheartened was I

at my unpreparedness

when it came

My heart left to lament the miss

watched it fly away

before settling over wildflowers; at my feet

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19 responses to “A butterfly’s kiss”

  1. Glad to see the imagery back. You need not lament, it is still there and there is a joy in watching it fly from flower to flower. The wild flowers and the butterfly are symbols of breaking free and returning to beauty of nature.

  2. I must thank the butterfly for inspiring flying close to your face, which prompted you to write such a superb poetry, on my birthday..!!
    Great one Madam.. 😀 Happy to see your posts again.. 🙂

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