Let me amble along

At my pace

Aware of each pulse in my vein

and every thought that crosses my brain

Don’t rush me

There’s nothing else I’d rather do

Than this

Let me breathe

And feel the nip in the air

the chill on the crown of my nose

the cold in my bones

The warmth of my breath

shall wash over each tingling cell in my being

one cell at a time, slow and sure

Don’t rush me

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be

Than here

Let me amble along at my pace

Let me be

There’s nothing else I’d rather do

than heal

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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

8 replies on “Don’t rush me

  1. Physical death is a transformation of the soul into an eternal mystery. Grief and mourning, although perceived as negative states, are the process by which our relationship to those transformed souls becomes a relationship of memory without physical presence. The healing makes space in our hearts for our loved ones to be always with us in a new way. You are so right…like healing from surgery, it is a process that can’t be rushed. Rushing causes setbacks.
    Be blessed, be coddled, and trust the process, dear Smitha.

    I hope this makes any sense at all!

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    1. Jo it does make sense and so much honestly. I have read and re-read your comment so many times…only it because it throws light to whatever it is that is going on with me. I do not understand. After mom, I thought I’d be stronger. After all these days and all the rituals…last night I still couldn’t believe he was gone…this morning I feel better. Thank you for writing to me. It helps me more than you know. I’m going to read your words each time I feel confused about my feelings. Thank you so much Jo for the blessings, the patience and the love❤.


  2. Amble along at your pace,
    Find your being in that space,
    Every Breath you breathe and feel,
    Will help soothe you and heal.

    So you need not rush,
    Take your time,
    And you’ll be fine.

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