I finally managed to pick up the brush and do a painting in water colors. Since we have no snowfall here I thought of bringing some home. To be honest, I found art more calming than writing. It allowed my mind to wander while my hands worked. My painting place has probably got a lot to do with how I feel when I paint. I’ve placed a table (it’s actually a carrom board that’s I’ve covered first with a plastic sheet and then a cloth) beside the balcony. The French windows of the balcony allow me to see my potted plants, the visiting sparrows, the vast expanse of the sky and the birds gliding and soaring in the sky. Watching the sparrows hopping from one pot to another, pecking on the grains I’ve kept out for them and hearing them chirp is healing. Living in an apartment building, this space allows me to have a piece of the outdoors in my home.

My painting area- can you spot the sparrow on the pot?

Now here’s the painting I did. The act of creating something from nothing and holding it in your hands reinstates your faith that the world is a beautiful place despite how dark it may seem at times and that the mind is strong enough to rebuild even when you think it is not.

Based on a painting I saw in Instagram done by electric_mirror

What kind of art do you indulge in? Where do you indulge in it? Do you have a specific place that brings out the best art in you? If you paint or create, why do you do it? Is it a hobby, a past-time or much more than that? Would love to know what art means to you.

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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

16 replies on “ART: A winter’s tale

  1. Lovely little painting. You have the gray sky when snow begins to fall, and the indoor light in the window beckons.

    Making art is the only thing that makes me lose track of time, and it takes my mind off the news of the world. I make art at what was formerly an L-shaped desk that was my home office. I can pull up pictures to paint from on my big monitor and paint without printing them. There is also a counter nearby where I can work on bigger pieces. During the pandemic, I make mostly small art pieces. We had a nice art trading card swap over on MeWe a month ago. After Christmas, I will review some of my better small work and try to paint larger versions.

    I think all this art dabbling has made the world richer for me. I look at things and figure out how I would paint them, how I would mix the subtle grays and browns of the natural world. Art has been part of my happy place during the pandemic. I think creativity is a basic human trait, and we should all tap into it. I have seen photos of places in India where people sweep the ground in front of their homes and then draw intricate designs, or make floral mandalas for festivals. Art exists in many forms, and it soothes the soul no matter how we do it.

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    1. Thank you Jo. Seeing your paintings pushed me to paint again. I had to do it before it left me. I used to paint a long time ago and then I just didn’t. Maybe because of all the work around it – packing up, setting up the paints etc., the absence of the right place. I picked up painting during the pandemic. With absolutely nowhere to go and nothing to do, it was my only escape.
      Your painting place sounds perfect- there seems to be enough space for everything :). It’s only right because you paint so much and so easily. You are a natural. I hope one day I can have a place exclusively for art. Maybe when I am more confident with my brush and colors and like you can just take any photograph and create a piece of artwork out of it. I have a long way to go before I get there.

      The designs on the street you talk about is ‘rangoli,’ which people do in front of their homes. There’s a lot of art here. Each state has its own form.


  2. I love your setting for painting, I see the sparrow and your painting is beautiful. I love how you said – act of creating something from nothing and holding it in your hands …your post is so heartfelt beautiful and I am so glad you are creating from this deep place of peace, it reaches me. For me, it is writing that does the trick, and my body seems to randomly settle in different spots when the urge to write comes.

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    1. Thank you Pragalbha! You did 🙂 I have realized more than ever now that painting does keep my mind off things and makes me happy. I need to work at it though. I’m not great at color mixing and perspective. But I love looking at the finished work. It’s wonderful that writing does it for you. I love writing too but I guess I choose it at times because it’s less of a hassle as compared to art :). You’ll know if you read my ‘About’ page.

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      1. I had visited your About page before I realized and enjoyed reading it again 🙂 I too do not have any formal education in writing except whatever needed to be expressed authentically. I have never picked up a brush – perhaps I will, perhaps I won’t, so I appreciate when others(you) do, I enjoy reading of the peace and joy you receive from your art.

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        1. Thank you Pragalbha for taking your time to check it out again. Its good to know that you too write because you’re passionate about it and not because you’ve studied it. You do have a way of touching people with your words. Hugs

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  3. Superb post, Smitha and the quote is so true. Anything you like to do with art makes our mind and thoughts so beautiful and we can love what we do. Nice pictures too. My past time is I love reading books, everyday give one hour to blogging and since I am writing few short stories keep myself busy and I have my niece who is proof reading few of my stories and then when I have time I do Happy Colors too. A wonderful way to keep occupied.

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    1. Thank you so much Kamal. Its wonderful to know you are writing a new book of short stories along with blogging. It allows your mind to travel to a happy place when you are doing what you enjoy. The lockdown has given us all time to explore our creativity. Is ‘Happy Colors’ art?


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