If you want to draw something, understand it. I’m not sure if these words have been said before but I learnt this, from the painting I did below, of a horse. Someone who studied in the same university as me saw my paintings on Instagram and asked me if I could paint a horse for her living room. I told her I had never painted an animal before but I was willing to give it a try. I also told her what I tell anybody who wants me to make a painting for them that if they don’t like it, there’s no compulsion to take it. It reduces the stress and the pressure when I’m painting.

This painting was done on a canvas of size 36″ X 24″. I’m not going to share the stages of the painting like I did for Art : Autumn Dreams but I will tell you this – that it took me twelve days of walking, talking, dreaming horses to finally paint this. I realized how a single curve could change a horse to an ass. I can hear you say ‘what’s new about that?’ Well, honestly, nothing! But I had another revelation. It was that a dinosaur had probably evolved into a horse. I’m not a biology student but that’s precisely what happened the first time I attempted drawing a horse on the canvas (You now know that it doesn’t come easily to me, so if you want to try, don’t be scared). I also realized that minus the mane and a little alteration in the curve of the eye, a horse could become a deer. Am I making any sense to you? If I’m not and you’re not someone blessed with the gift of art, then do try drawing a horse; you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Anyway, the problem was that I began by painting the horse based on a picture of a horse on a wall paper, sent by the person who had requested for it. It didn’t work. It was frustrating. During the next 12 days, I looked at a lot of paintings of horses, watched a serial called ‘Heartland’ showing on Netflix (which revolves around horses), read about them and saw a lot of real-life photographs of horses. Finally, the horse on the canvas started coming to life.

Below I present to you ‘Stardust’

‘Stardust,’ left our home today and has reached it’s new home. What do you think of him?’

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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

11 replies on “ART : Stardust

  1. I like the way the sky’s clouds echo that leaping post of the horse. Very well done! I have been having a lot of artistic self-doubt myself this week. I am starting, as of yesterday, to sketch more. I have an appointment late afternoon today, so I might just drive off early and go sit somewhere and sketch from my car.

    I watched a video yesterday that had the thought that sketching from life will teach us better than sketching from photos. Because the neurology of human sight hones in on small fields of detail. If we sketch from photos we put in too much detail everywhere. I know I do! I actually retouched that gouache study from your vacation photo to take out some of the background detail. It’s still too detailed though.

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    1. Thank you very much Jo for the appreciation. It means a lot to me coming from an artist like you. ‘Self-doubt’ – that’s exactly what I’ve been going through. I too have been trying to improve my skills by sketching and doing more watercolors – that because I’m scared If I don’t do them, I’ll not be able to. The science about the neurology of human sight makes so much sense. I experienced it with the horse. I guess when we copy from other’s paintings , our mind does not really understand the depth, the structure and its all left up to how clear the picture is.
      I will hop over to your blog to check the painting from my vacation now. I hope your knee is not giving you much trouble. Do take care. Love and hugs


    1. Thank you so much Pragalbha for appreciating it. I realized what it means to obsess about something. I have with me all the pictures of evolution😀 but I had no guts to share those.

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    1. Coming from someone who has owned horses and been around them for long, I take ‘not too bad’ as a compliment 😄. Thank you so much Lynn for your words of encouragement. They make my day brighter. 🤗❤ to you


    1. Thank you Robbie! I love how you understand so easily what I say. I thought people would think me crazy to try or would write me off as an artist. It’s nice to know someone as talented as you understands. Thanks Robbie for telling me you do❤

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        1. This is comforting to know Robbie especially when it comes from someone like you whose work I admire. I went through a lot of self-doubt with the horse, so knowing that its not just me who finds drawing animals and human faces tough is encouraging. Thank you for writing back. XXX


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