On the occasion of World Sparrow Day, I’d like to share a poem I wrote last year in honour of my favourite bird. Sparrows have declined the world over,- that’s what all the newspaper reports say. However, I am fortunate they visit me every single day for breakfast, lunch and tea. They haven’t stopped during the pandemic. In fact, they’re family now. Every day, we put some rice for them to eat and water for them to drink. They come around chirping, hopping from branch to branch, in and out of the potted plants in the balcony.


Have you seen the delightful creatures

Cocking their head to the side

like a little child watching

their beady eyes blinking

in awe

before they flap their streaked wings and fly

into the sky?

Have you heard their voices

like children in the playground chattering

What a ruckus they cause tweeting

hopping and skipping

in groups

specks of brown amidst grass blades

and leaves and flowers of different shades?

Have you seen them pecking

at grains, a tiny morsel at a time

their crowns bent, their velvety throats heaving

like a pulse moving in and out

their grey breast

like the cheeks of Michelangelo’s cherubs

as they swallow their grub?

Have you seen them fly

free specks in the sky

and descend on their dainty feet

on the window seat

and did it not stir something within

that reached your eyes

and make you feel warm and fuzzy?

Did you…

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Posted by:Smitha V

A banker by profession, a blogger by choice, a poet by accident, and an artist at heart. Imperfectly perfect - that's me. Welcome to my world!

4 replies on “World Sparrow Day

    1. Yes it is Mick :). I was surprised too. With their numbers dwindling I guess its a good way to remind people of them.Thank you so much for reading and appreciating the poem.

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