Wordless Wednesdays : Bloom Away

Wordless Wednesdays : Bloom Away
Angel’s Trumpet
Weeping Bottlebrush
Mexican Daisies

I took these pictures on my trip to Kodaikanal during the Christmas holidays. We did not have to visit a botanical garden to take these photographs because flowers grew everywhere – on walls, over fences, in the crevices of rocks, on street corners and in pots.

If any of you know the names of these flowers please let me know so I can add a caption to these photographs. Until then, I shall simply call them ‘Flowers.’

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  1. I loved my trip to Kodai!

    The bottom picture is of a hydrangea, next one up is white clover, some sort of daisy above that, then I don’t know any of the others except the top one, which is a rose.

      • Oh, just recollected the tree above Mexican wall daisies is ‘Weeping bottlebrush’. In case you’re interested in Flora and Fauna of Kodai/Palani hills, Pippa Mukherjee has written a really nice book on it. That’s where I got the names from.

        • Thanks so much Manisha🙂. Its very sweet of you to let me know. I shall update it. The flora of Kodai was simply enchanting. It’s good to know there’s a book with all the names in it. Thank you again!

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