Art: Dirt roads – Beauty in everyday things

Art: Dirt roads – Beauty in everyday things

There is a beauty in the little things like flowers growing out of crevices of walls, in fallen leaves and in clear water puddles. Maybe its the contrast of the glassy surface of the water against the roughness of the road that comforts the soul.

After two pencil shadings and a failed attempt at a third one which I will share with you in a later post, I decided to take a break from pencil shading with a watercolor painting. Here it is-

This here is as it would look in a frame (I’ve just placed the painting over a frame to take a better picture).

What do you think of the painting? Does it remind you of the road to grandma’s home in the village or does it simply remind you of the countryside?

After having done this I was ready to go back to my pencil sketch. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Beautiful! Reminds me of a summer day, in a lush forest. Maybe from lunchtime walks we took in Oak Ridge Tennessee long ago. Well done!

    • Thank you Jo! I am so happy that it brings back fond memories. I can imagine ‘ lunchtime walks.’ There’s something so soothing about the way you’ve described it.

    • Thank you dear Robbie🙂. With your imagination I could imagine you walking along in your yellow dress and yellow hat ( from your picture on Insta)💛

        • Oh really! That sounds like a lovely picture. I know how this gen is about pictures being shared. My girls are the same. Need to take their permission before I do it and most often the answer is ‘No’.

    • Thanks Lynn! I was actually thinking of you yesterday and was planning to check out your blog to see if you were doing fine. It’s good to hear from you🙂. Regarding the painting, yes I do sell. As a matter of fact I just started. If you decide to buy something you’d be my 4th customer 🙂

      • Hi Smitha, still struggling some, but trying to regroup to handle it all. Trying to get tough here! Got to. Do you do really big sizes ever? Do you have a place to buy online yet? I likely will have to do that when the right thing hits me! You are very talented. How are you getting along? Better than I am because you are working and I’m barely doing so, though my daughter is helping me get my memoir/cookbook self published. Am going to revise my literary/fantasy thing and try for a publisher again, commercial. Been cancelled by Michigan literary community, so won’t get a university press for anything anymore. I’m always low when not working, but I haven’t done too well on it. )

        • I understand and I wish you lots of strength. Congratulations on your cook book. That’s definitely something to look forward to. Wishing you the very best for your fantasy book too. I’m forcing myself to work because not working depresses me only further. So I know what you mean. But it’s amazing that you’re doing all of this with managing your dad.
          Coming to paintings, I’ve done a few big pieces. The very big ones were the ones I did as per requests ( I don’t do it until someone specifically asks for one. Wouldn’t know where to keep it if I did :)). It means a lot to me that you like my paintings. If you like something let me know, I can paint it to a size you want.
          Do take care of yourself and best wishes for your book!

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