NaPoWriMo Day 2 : The Road Taken- I’ll take it again

NaPoWriMo Day 2 : The Road Taken- I’ll take it again

Today’s prompt is – “In the world of well-known poems, maybe there’s no gem quite so hoary as Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about your own road not taken – about a choice of yours that has “made all the difference,” and what might have happened had you made a different choice.”

This poem is a tribute to my father who I lost on 26/11/2020.


Standing at the water’s edge

I bore no malice or grudge

Holding the banana leaf over my head

I stepped into the river bed

“Dip,” he said, the man in the orange robe

with eyes that reflected the wisdom of the globe

I did what I was told, one hand holding the leaf over my head

the other my nose and I let my grief flow into the river bed

The waters washed over me

and before my eyes I saw the journey-

The choices I made

The dreams to rest I laid

Some taken by him, who loved

me. Some for him I had shoved

“Dip” he said again

Tapping the stone steps with his wooden cane

The paths taken

the roads forsaken

I lifted my head out of breath

Aware that a breath away was death.

“Dip,” he said. “Your body whole,

“and pray for the departed soul”

I dipped once more, my eyes shut close

Was moments before I rose

Every step that led me to him here

and allowed me to be near

“Now look towards the lingam* and pray” the sadhu** said

“for the dead.”

I joined my hands and prayed

For forgiveness- for every mistake he thought he made

Gratitude for those journeys we took

And I thought, ‘ If again it be, the slightest diversion I wouldn‘t brook.’

lingam* – the idol of Lord Shiva

sadhu**- Hindu priest

Dad with my daughters a decade ago All Rights Reserved.


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    • Thank you Andrea. So glad you liked the poem.
      I suppose that’s why they make us do it. Standing in the open river under the sun and dipping and going several times in and out kind of gets your body and mind into acknowledging all that’s happened.

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