NaPOWriMo Day 13- 12.00 P.m. GMT- World Reboot

NaPOWriMo Day 13- 12.00 P.m. GMT- World Reboot

Today’s prompt comes from the Instagram account of Sundress Publications, which posts a writing prompt every day, all year long. This one is short and sweet: write a poem in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow.

As we brace ourselves before another lockdown and return to a situation similar to the one we found ourselves in April 2020, the only wish I have like most of the world is to wake up and find the last year was a bad dream.

Wrote a haibun for today in the form of a newspaper article

‘The World to Reboot’

In an island off the West Coast of Africa, a group of miners found a toggle switch in a coal mine at a depth of 6000m below sea level a month ago. The Professors at the Archaeology Department at Harvard claim that this switch holds the solution to our problems. The decision to use the switch or not has been under debate over the last month.

A mention of a switch that can reboot the world has been made in the manuscripts of the Indus Valley and Harappa civilizations. It has also been touched upon in the Mesopotamian civilization. Researchers also claim inscriptions and hieroglyphs on the pyramids indicate the existence of a switch that can save the world. Historians and archaeologists around the world met at the Vatican in a series of meetings spread across a week, at the beginning of the month to consolidate their knowledge on the switch in a single document to be submitted to the World Office in Geneva.

Further to the discussion at the Vatican, leaders of all countries assembled in Geneva last week to cast their vote on whether the switch should be used or not. The majority believe that turning on the switch has the power to reboot the world- shut down and restart fresh!

A decision has been taken based on majority vote to turn the switch on at 12.00 p.m. GMT tonight. The leaders have agreed to set the switch to 2019. The meaning of this is that when you wake up tomorrow, you will wake up to a whole new world, a world free of corona, global warming and plastics in the sea. Like Y2K, we are not in a position to say what else will change or get wiped out as a result of turning on the switch or if the date set will work. But that is a risk the leaders are willing to take.

History will remember us as the generation that rewrote History or must we say relived History?

The entire human
race, come together as one
Let’s turn the switch on

It was a bad dream
that we all saw together
It’s time to wake up

Wake up tomorrow
To a new, beautiful world
No masks, no lockdowns

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16 responses to “NaPOWriMo Day 13- 12.00 P.m. GMT- World Reboot”

  1. Smitha, it reminded me of some kind of a thriller, sci-fi movie. Such descriptive elements. Beautifully written.
    Btw, I did mention in my blog as well – I am located in Dubai and I did see what you mentioned in your poem but then realized that you were visiting. I was thinking of asking you about it as well.

    • Lol…this was fun. All I/we want is for all of this to go away. And though I decided not to write about Corona, I ended up doing just that🙂. Glad you enjoyed reading it.

      Oh I haven’t read your blog. Just been reading the poems. I wasn’t visiting. I lived most of my life there 🙂 It’s more like I’m visiting here.

    • We’ll get to know tomorrow if the did. The switch turns on tonight😀. So much fun to play along. Thank you Manja for taking the time to read and write back. Your comment makes me want to write a continuation🙂

  2. I sure like this. and I believe that we give rise to the world we live in by the thoughts we generate day in and day out. So let’s get it together and dream possible dreams, think good thoughts and wish each other well. In that vein, I wish you miracles. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thank you Selma for visiting and for taking the time to write back. Yes, I too believe that the mind has the power to make things happen- good or bad. Thank you for a beautiful wish of miracles. I wish the same for you.

    • Thanks Andrea 🙂 It made me wonder too and made me think of all that could be wiped out in the eventuality…this year’s prompts are making me imagine like a child.

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