TSL Day 1 : The girl with a crooked nose

TSL Day 1 : The girl with a crooked nose

Hello everybody,

Like I said, I will be sharing the poems that I wrote in the month of April, this month. These were poems that I wrote based on prompts given by a group called ‘ The Significant League,’ aka TSL on Facebook.

Day 1’s prompt :

“Write a poem on the idea of “A place on the body.” Places on the body can be outside/inside as well as parts of the body and the body can be metaphorically seen etc. Humorous poems are also welcome.”

Times are bad in India. And a lot of my friends and acquaintances are going through some terrible times. News of death fill the air. At times like these, it becomes imperative that we find something to cheer us up with. I share my poem, ‘ The girl with a crooked nose,’ and hope it makes you smile. It’s not a solution to what’s going on around us and yet I hope it cheers you up, even if it’s only for a moment.

She has a crooked nose
That's like a leaky hose
and gets as red as a beet or a rose
on any given day
that it'd make you say
'Darling, are you sure you're okay?'

It makes her look like a clown
and is the talk of the town;
It'll make you frown
but she doesn't care
for they don't dare
say it to her face 'coz they're scared of her stare

So, if you ever see a girl with a crooked nose
that leaks as a hose and is as red as red nail-paint on toes
Don't ask her if she has any woes
Just say,
"Darling, are you're sure you're okay?"
And be on your way.

Note: ‘The girl with the crooked nose’ is a tribute to my own dear nose that proudly stands in the center of my face with a slight bend like the ‘Leaning tower of Pisa’.

  • Please do not enlarge my photograph to check the bend. My nose seeks no attention and would rather be in the shadows.

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10 responses to “TSL Day 1 : The girl with a crooked nose”

    • 😀…when I posted it on the Fb group as part of the challenge, I had everybody commenting on my nose. I presumed they were looking at my photograph and then telling me that I had nothing to worry about. I did not want that happening here🙂, hence the entreaty. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the poem. Thank you Andrea. Xxx

  1. Hi Smitha, I read this yesterday but wasn’t able to leave a comment using my phone. You have a lovely nose and don’t have to worry. An entertaining poem.

    • Hi Robbie. Hope Michael’s feeling better. Yes, you told me about not being able to comment from the phone. A few others have said the same thing. I cannot understand why.
      Thank you for reassuring me about my ‘nose’ :). Hugs

  2. “Please do not enlarge my photograph to check the bend. My nose seeks no attention and would rather be in the shadows.” Hihihih, this is hilarious. 😀 I remember your photo from before and know that you’re absolutely beautiful. Marilyn has a really crooked nose in this photo though… 😉 And look how gorgeous she is anyway.

    • Manja, you’re so kind. Thank you🤗. After reading your comment I went back to Marilyn’s photograph and enlarged it to check out her nose😀. Yes, it’s kind of crooked and yes, she’s gorgeous.
      Was so much fun reading your comments. It took me back to my posts. Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

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