Art : two paintings- An urn and An Apple

Art : two paintings- An urn and An Apple

I hadn’t set out on doing either of these paintings. The paper on my art book had got messed up on the sides because of a painting I did on the previous sheet. So instead of throwing out the paper I decided to paint something small on half the sheet.

This is what I painted. I liked how it turned out.

The White Urn

So, I used the other half of the sheet to paint this-

I loved how this turned out, so I decided to get both the paintings framed.

Here’s a picture of the framed paintings. What do you think of them? Please look at them separately and don’t compare them because they’re in the same post. Let not the gold of the apple blind you to the subtle beauty of the vase.

Watercolor – 8″ x 10″
Watercolor – 10″ x 11″

Doing both these paintings makes me believe that sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly. Both paintings are inspired by paintings I saw on the net. All Rights Reserved.

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    • Thank you for visiting 🙂 and for writing back. And thank you so much for your good wishes. Happy to have connected.🙂

    • Thank you Andrea. You know, I thought of naming the apple – ‘The forbidden apple’ 🙂 because of how it looked.

  1. This is absolutely true, what the last quotations says. I try to look away from that gold of the apple but I’m not able. It mesmerises me. It’s an incredible painting! It’s alive! 😮 Extremely well done!!

    • Thank you so much Manja. Sometimes a painting just paints itself. That’s what happened with the apple. Everytime I look at it I wonder how it came out the way it did. So happy you liked it.

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