To my Teen girls

To my Teen girls

Wrote a letter poem ‘To my teen girls’ on the prompt ‘Lovingly, I hate you’ given by the TSL group on Fb

When you roll your eyes
Or turn a deaf ear when I call
or when I'm searching all over for my stuff
only to find it after an hour in your drawer
or lying in your room or your wardrobe
because you forgot to put it back where you found it

Or when you call me and expect me to drop
whatever it is I'm doing and walk off in a huff
Or when you remind me of my vow to abstain
when I'm popping in sweet poison
Or when you look at me with no faith
when I say, 'I'm going to stop,'

I so lovingly hate you

I could go on and on
But you get the idea
and now that you know
You may call me, 'The worst mother ever.'
Or roll your eyes and say
'We lovingly hate you too!'

But if you ever do, I'd remind you,
that no matter what-
You cannot talk back to your mother
And no matter what I say or feel
You must always remember
Nobody can love you as I do

or as much.

Lovingly yours,

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I understand being a teen is hard too! All Rights Reserved.

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