Friday Flowers

Friday Flowers

A burst of colors is the perfect beginning to a day. These pictures of flowers are from around our apartment building. When the lockdown happened and our movement was restricted, these flowers gave us solace. They helped me cope by simply doing what they do – blooming and spreading joy irrespective of sun or rain.

White buttercup or white alder (Passionflower family)
Frangipani or Champa
Cape Leadwort All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Beautiful and not completely unlike here. We have the last one for sure.

    Please have a look at my yesterday’s comment at your Thursday Doors post. I include the link to Dan who collects the links for this challenge and my request that you go over there and leave the link to your doors under his post. Thank you! I’m really glad to see you take part!

    • Thank you Manja! I followed all the steps you mentioned on Thursday doors :). I’m sorry I did not reply yesterday. I got pulled into something and only just checked my blog. xxx

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